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I Am NEMA | Jonathan Stewart

Industry Director, Utility Products & Systems Division

While I am far from an expert on the historical evolution of the United States power grid, I can't imagine there has ever been a more exciting time to be a part of this industry. Electricity is generated, transmitted, distributed,  consumed, stored, controlled, bought, and sold today at scales and in ways not achievable five years ago and not even imagined ten years ago. It's a safe wager that the same will be true five years from now.

As Industry Director for the NEMA  Utility Products & Systems Division, I  view it as my job to make sure the industry is prepared for the changes of today and preparing for the changes of tomorrow.

But how?

As I look across the Division including 11 Product Sections and 57 different companies, I see an array of profiles. Some have been with NEMA for decades and others for only days. Some are Leviathans and others Lilliputians. From Switzerland to St. Louis, from Mexico to Mather, my division has it all. Yet each Member has one thing in common: each has found a way to innovate in this industry. So how do we prepare for change together? By bringing that innovation—that creative technical know-how—to NEMA.

If I can help the 57 Members of the Division to be unsatisfied with the status quo, constantly assessing whether legacy activities continue to be of value, and constantly searching for new value propositions, then I've done my job. 


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