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I Am NEMA | Cesar Rodriguez

Process Engineering Technician, The Gund Company, Milwaukee

When I first started as a press operator at The Gund Company 14 years ago, I admit that I didn’t completely understand the significance of the work that I was doing every day and how the product I was making helped provide electricity and many other things we take for granted every day. After completing my engineering technology degree and learning more about NEMA, I began to realize the importance of my work.

Design and manufacturing engineers around the world recognize NEMA for the many excellent Standards available to help improve the safety and quality of products produced in North America. At The Gund Company, NEMA-grade industrial thermoset laminates (NEMA LI 1) are a key part of our product line. These materials are manufactured at the company's Milwaukee location, where the engineering, quality, and operations teams ensure that the product meets the performance requirements called out in the NEMA LI 1 Standard.

NEMA-grade laminates are used in electrical equipment ranging from motors and generators to transformers and switchgear throughout the world. These products are used to generate, deliver, and convert electricity into useful everyday things. We are also helping build the electrical equipment of tomorrow by providing engineers the choices they need for designing new technology. Electrical equipment design engineers know that when they use NEMA-grade materials, they are getting quality and consistency in their electrical insulation.

NEMA Standards provide a wide range of products for engineers to choose from when designing modern electrical equipment to be more robust and capable of today's advancing industry requirements. When an engineer requires electrical insulation materials, NEMA has it covered.

As the Process Engineering Technician for The Gund Company, I am proud to know that the products we produce to NEMA Standards have a significant impact on our everyday lives and continue to help advance the electrification of our world as we know it. ei


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