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A Heritage of Excellence

A Heritage of Excellence: Setting Standards for the Electroindustry by Shannon A. Brown, Ph.D.

Since 1926, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association has had an important role in developing and promoting standards for excellence in electrical manufacturing.

NEMA at 75

Defined by its dynamic leadership and bolstered by the enthusiastic support of the electroindustry, NEMA has responded to a variety of challenges, becoming strong and active in technical, political, and social spheres while working closely with industry and government to protect the interests of both manufacturers and consumers. Economic boom-and-bust cycles, sea changes in consumer tastes, a widening of commercial regulation, and striking technological advances have created new markets, new opportunities, and new obstacles for the electroindustry. Throughout NEMA’s history, the association has evolved to address the needs of its members without abandoning its strong public service mission to use technical standards to educate, communicate, and ultimately solve pressing economic, environmental, and social problems.

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