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Röntgen 2018 Recipient

Paul Biggins Exemplifies Success through Collaboration


With more than 35 years of experience in the diagnostic imaging industry, including more than 20 years as first Toshiba’s and now Canon’s director of regulatory affairs, Paul Biggins has played a critical role within the industry at large and specifically within the Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA), a division of NEMA.

A constant fixture in the MITA X-Ray Imaging Products Section, Mr. Biggins has a no-nonsense style and organizational skills that have served MITA well. He oversaw the development of NEMA XR 25 and NEMA XR 29, which standardize important tools to optimize and manage radiation dose delivery.

Mr. Biggins also played a role in fostering and nurturing collaboration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by creating a team that included regulatory and industry representation. Because of that, the FDA and the industry understand their mutual interest in providing high-quality technology while ensuring safety and effectiveness. This collaboration has led to many regulatory achievements, including HR 2009, the Fostering Innovation in Medical Imaging Act, the revision of FDA guidance on Solid State X-ray Imaging Devices, and the development of pediatric x-ray labeling.

A leader in MITA's Governance Working Group, Mr. Biggins was also instrumental in developing the Leadership Forum, which brings together leaders of MITA Sections and Committees, allows for cross-organizational discussion, and reduces "silo-ing."

Although Mr. Biggins is employed by Canon, he is focused on working for the good of the entire industry and for supporting MITA as the industry association. This focus, combined with his many years of participation and leadership within NEMA's medical imaging division, embodies the spirit of the Röntgen Award.


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