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Falk 2015 Recipient

​​David FitzGibbon Accepts Bernard H. Falk Award

David FitzGibbon was presented with the Bernard H. Falk Award, the highest honor NEMA offers, at the 89th Annual Membership Meeting. The award was established in 1991 and is given each year to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in a field important to the electroindustry. Mr. FitzGibbon has expressed that this award is especially meaningful for him as he knew Bernard Falk personally and may be among the last award winners who did.

Mr. FitzGibbon is currently Vice Chairman and CEO of ILSCO Corporation, an electrical connector manufacturer, where he has been since 1976. He was on the NEMA Board of Governors for 13 years, for which he served as chairman for the 2010-2011 year, and the NEMA Executive Committee for eight years. While on the NEMA Executive Committee, Mr. FitzGibbon oversaw a number of changes, including the establishment of the concept of strategic initiatives and a shift from simply recruiting board members to responding to board membership consideration requests.

In the same capacity, he was involved in NEMA's transition from a standards-focused association to one working to influence energy policy. In addition to advocacy work at the state and local level, Mr. FitzGibbon cites as evidence a number of federal energy laws involving NEMA, including the Energy Security and Independence Act of 2007, which references NEMA in regards to grid interoperability standards.

"As NEMA grew over the years, it developed a sophisticated and effective government relations team capable of influencing legislation and regulations at the federal, state, and even down to the local level," Mr. FitzGibbon said. "What started as a technical standards development organization 90 years ago has now become a persuasive and trusted advocate for NEMA members, speaking on their behalf in Washington and state capitals around the country."


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