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Business Innovation 2015 Recipient

Boltswitch Honored with Illuminations Award for Business Innovation

Boltswitch President James Erickson accepted the inaugural Illuminations Award for Business Innovation during the NEMA Annual Membership Meeting. The award recognizes a small- to medium-sized NEMA Business Innovation Council (BIC) member company for outstanding leadership, service, and entrepreneurial inventiveness.

Boltswitch designs and manufactures a variety of electrical products, including bolted pressure contact switches, which range from 400 amps to 6,000 amps with voltage ratings up to 600 V.

Since its founding in 1953, Boltswitch's entrepreneurial inventiveness has included many "firsts." It was the first company to have a 400-ampere pullout switch; a switch operator mounted on the switch base panel; a shunt trip operator on a bolted pressure contact switch; quick-make, quick-break mechanisms on bolted pressure contact switches; and a listed fused power-circuit device enclosure. It was also the first to pass UL 977, Fused Power-Circuit Devices. Boltswitch uses formed copper pole parts, since formed parts are stronger, simpler, and generate less heat. In some cases, Boltswitch products have one-third as many parts as those of major competitors.

Mr. Erickson has been active in the NEMA Low Voltage Distribution Equipment Section for 30 years, having served on the executive committee and led multiple technical committees and task groups for that section. He also actively participated in the former Small Business Forum.

"I understand and appreciate the value of NEMA membership," he said in explaining his contributions to committee work. "I take great pride that I am able to sit at the same table as a number of significantly larger NEMA member companies."

Boltswitch's technology and Mr. Erickson's involvement are representative of the exemplary work and innovation for which the BIC Illuminations Award was designed.


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