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Update on Brazil Conformity Assessment Requirements

04/6/2011 11:00AMSign-up to receive press releases.

A reminder that the compulsory INMETRO certification list is effective 1 July 2011

The Brazilian Industrial Quality, Standards and Measurement Bureau (INMETRO) is responsible for issuing decrees that regulate electrical products intended to be sold in Brazil, which it has done for the past ten years. Most electrical products that are purchased by consumers must undergo a mandatory third-party certification process. This certification requirement primarily concerns appliances. However, there have been some NEMA members' electrical products affected. Over the past several years NEMA's office in Brazil was notified of changes and requirements through INMETRO, and in turn, passed that information on to appropriate member companies. Since NEMA closed the office in Brazil several years ago, there have only been four additional notifications concerning NEMA member products, namely: adaptors for plugs and sockets, electromagnetic ballasts for lamps, high pressure sodium vapor bulbs, and compact fluorescent lamps with integrated ballasts. Member companies have been notified of this information via NEMA industry directors as the notifications were issued by the WTO Enquiry Point in the U.S.

The primary goal of INMETRO is consumer safety. Consequently, most of the commercial, industrial, and utility products manufactured by NEMA members are not subject to mandatory certification.

If you are encountering technical barriers to entering the Brazilian market we urge you to contact your NEMA industry director for assistance.


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