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NEMA Revises Cable Installation Standards to Comply with 2017 NEC

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ROSSLYN, Va.—The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) revised NEMA RV 4-2016 Application Guidelines for Service-Entrance Cable and NEMA RV 1-2016 Application and Installation Guidelines for Armored Cable and Metal-Clad Cable to comply with the 2017 National Electrical Code® (NEC).

Both standards provide the building wire industry practical information on the correct usage and industry-recommended practices for the installation of cables. RV 4 covers service-entrance cable (Type SE) while RV 1 addresses Type AC (Armored) and Type MC (Metal-Clad) cables.

"NEMA RV 4 reflects requirements found in the most recent edition of the NEC and in state-of-the-art cable application and installation practices," said Christel Hunter, Director of Codes and Standards at Cerro Wire LLC, who chaired the Building Wire and Cable Technical Committee Task Group that prepared the new edition of RV 4.

"Installers and code authorities should download a copy of RV 1 to have the latest industry guidance on the proper use and installation of AC and MC cables," said Kevin Porter, Supervisor of Codes and Standards at Encore Wire, who chaired the Building Wire and Cable Task Group that updated RV 1.

NEMA RV 4-2016 is available for $66 in hard copy or at no cost as an electronic download on the NEMA website.
NEMA RV 1-2016 is available for $97 in hard copy or at no cost as an electronic download on the NEMA website.


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