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NEMA Publishes Standard NEMA KS 1-2013 Heavy Duty Enclosed and Dead-Front Switches (600 Volts Maximum)

04/1/2014 12:00PM

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published NEMA KS 1-2013 Heavy Duty Enclosed and Dead-Front Switches (600 Volts Maximum).

NEMA KS 1-2013 sets requirements for heavy duty-rated products which extend beyond traditional performance. This standard covers heavy duty enclosed and dead-front switches that are:

  • rated at not more than 600 volts and 4000 amperes with or without a horse­power rating. The dc ratings shall be up to and including 600 volts, 1200 amperes;
  • with or without provision for fuses;
  • with current-carrying parts and mechanisms enclosed in metallic or nonmetallic cases, or that are enclosed when mounted in an enclosed switchboard, panelboard, or similar; and
  • manually operable by means of external handles.

NEMA KS 1 may be downloaded at no cost or purchased in hardcopy for $118 on the NEMA website. 

NEMA is the association of electrical equipment and medical imaging manufacturers, founded in 1926 and headquartered in Rosslyn, Virginia. Its nearly 400 member companies manufacture a diverse set of products including power transmission and distribution equipment, lighting systems, factory automation and control systems, and medical diagnostic imaging systems. Total U.S. shipments for electroindustry products exceed $100 billion annually.

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