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NEMA Publishes ANSI/NEMA SG-IPRM 1-2016 Smart Grid Interoperability Process Reference Manual

05/4/2016 10:00AMSign-up to receive press releases.

ROSSLYN, Va.—The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published ANSI/NEMA SG-IPRM 1-2016 Smart Grid Interoperability Process Reference Manual.

“This standard defines requirements and recommendations for general test policies, test suite specifications, test profiles, interoperability testing and certification authority technical programs, governance, laboratory qualifications, and process improvements. It also describes an implementation approach,” according to NEMA Program Manager Khaled Masri.

This new standard was joint effort by the NEMA Distribution Automation Technical Committee and Smart Grid Interoperability Panel’s (SGIP) Smart Grid Testing and Certification Committee.

“The approval of ANSI/NEMA SG-IPRM 1-2016 represents a substantial effort by SGIP’s membership and our commitment to interoperability and advancing grid modernization through industry collaboration. It contains testing and certification recommendations and best practices that promote the introduction of interoperable products in the marketplace,” said Aaron Smallwood, Director of Technology Operations, SGIP.

ANSI/NEMA SG-IPRM 1-2016 is available in hard copy or electronic download for $108 in the NEMA Standards Store at www.nema.org.


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