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NEMA President and CEO Urges Military to Implement Energy-Efficient Technologies

National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) President and CEO Evan R. Gaddis and NEMA Policy Director for High Performance Buildings Patrick Hughes attended the Defense Energy Summit November 11-13 in Austin, Texas. The summit convened members of the military responsible for the evaluation, purchase, and deployment of next generation energy technologies and solutions. Also invited were original equipment manufacturers, utilities, integrators, power generators, and innovators who offered energy technologies and solutions to help the military create a more sustainable energy platform.

Gaddis served as the moderator of the Defense Energy panel, which included experts from companies that manufacture lighting, microgrid components, and energy storage systems, and have experience in military installations and government contracting. Panelists highlighted existing options for financing these solutions and the value that performance standards bring to equipment design and operation.

“It is important to recognize that dramatic improvements to the Department of Defense’s energy consumption can be made possible with existing solutions from NEMA members, including energy-efficient lighting, building controls, microgrids, energy storage, and distributed generation,” said Gaddis. “We encourage the widespread implementation of these technologies in a strategic manner to help increase the military's efficiency, resiliency, and flexibility.”

Topics covered during the summit mirrored NEMA’s own key initiatives, and included energy generation, microgrid solutions, energy storage and efficiency, and high performance buildings.

"As the single largest energy consumer in the world, the Department of Defense has a huge opportunity to cut operating costs and carbon emissions by investing in energy efficiency and high-performance buildings. The building automation, lighting, and plug load management technologies needed to reduce wasted energy are on the shelf, it's just a matter of adopting them,” said Hughes.

Smart energy solutions offered by NEMA members can assist the Department of Defense in realizing a more energy-efficient future.

“NEMA members offer innovative financing mechanisms—like Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs)—to help pay for energy upgrades, even when budgets are stretched thin. I would encourage military operations personnel to look at all the energy solutions NEMA members have to offer, and to implement them today,” said Hughes.

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