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eiXtra | The Newsletter of Electrical Equipment and Medical Imaging Manufacturers
May 5, 2014 Vol. 9  
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Cyber Risk Portal

NIST-Sponsored Cyber Risk Portal
The first of its kind Cyber Risk Management Portal and its portfolio of state of the art enterprise assessment and network mapping tools is now complete and ready for user testing... [ read more ]

Electroindustry Business Conditions Index: March 2001 - April 2014

Current Business Conditions Jump in April; Optimism for Next Six Months Broadest since 2002
NEMA's EBCI for current conditions in North America jumped to 66.7 in April, up from readings of 52.6 in March and 50 in February... [ read more ]

Montgomery County Becomes First in the U.S. to Pass Energy Benchmarking Law

Montgomery County Becomes First in the U.S. to Pass Energy Benchmarking Law
Montgomery County, Md., has become the first county in the nation to pass an energy benchmarking, requiring owners of large nonresidential buildings... [ read more ]

Energy Efficiency Bill

NEMA Praises Committee Approval of Energy Efficiency Bill
NEMA praised the House Energy and Commerce Committee for reporting out the Energy Savings through Public-Private Partnerships Act of 2013 (HR 2689)... [ read more ]

Tune In: May is National Electrical Safety Month
We're chatting with Brett Brenner, President of Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), about ESFI’s 2014 efforts to increase awareness of electrical hazards.
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Fire Alarm Electrician FA-Facilities
Electrical Engineer, Industrial
Water / Wastewater - Houston, TX

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