NEMA joins UTC to present a forum on exporting to emerging smart grid markets as part of the U.S. – Brazil Smart Grid Infrastructure Partnership Program
eiXtra | The Newsletter of Electrical Equipment and Medical Imaging Manufacturers
Apr. 21, 2014 Vol. 8  
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Compact Fluorescent Lamps

NEMA Publishes White Paper NEMA LSD 40-2014 Failure Modes for Self-Ballasted Compact Fluorescent Lamps—A NEMA Update
This new edition updates the document to reflect current industry practices regarding end of useful life issues for self-ballasted compact fluorescent... [ read more ]

Foster Clean Energy Innovation

Department of Energy Issues Draft Renewable Energy and Efficient Energy Projects Solicitation to Foster Clean Energy Innovation
In support of the Administration's all-of-the-above energy strategy, the Department of Energy issued a draft loan guarantee solicitation today for... [ read more ]

Relieving Electric Vehicle Range Anxiety with Improved Batteries

Relieving Electric Vehicle Range Anxiety with Improved Batteries
Researchers added the powder, a kind of nanomaterial called a metal organic framework, to the battery's cathode to capture problematic polysulfides that usually cause lithium-sulfur batteries to fail after a few... [ read more ]

Connect Battery-Solar Systems

California to Utilities: Connect Battery-Solar Systems to the Grid
California regulators have just issued a rebuke to utilities, and a thumbs-up to customers and companies that want to connect hundreds of now-stalled battery-backed solar PV projects.... [ read more ]

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Electrical AHJ Field Rep Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Senior Industrial Ventilation (HVAC) Engineer Materion
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