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Apr. 7, 2014 Vol. 7  
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NEMA Commends Senate Finance Committee's Extension of 179D Tax Deduction
According to NEMA President and CEO Evan R. Gaddis, "179D has been very effective in encouraging commercial building... [ read more ]


NEMA Publishes ANSI/NEMA MW 1000-2014 Magnet Wire
MW 1000 is the premier standards publication for general requirements, product specifications, and test procedures for the manufacture and packaging of magnet wire... [ read more ]

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Number of electric vehicles doubling every year
Percentage-wise, 400,000 vehicles in the global fleet of cars is a small, small number. If 2011 estimates of a billion cars worldwide is accurate, 400,000 is basically a rounding error... [ read more ]

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Kenya Power Extends Search for Smart Meter Supplier
Kenya Power issued a tender for three lots of metering equipment totalling 9,000 single-phase smart meters, 900 three-phase smart meters, 900 data concentrators and head-end.... [ read more ]

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NEMAcast focuses on news, information, and opportunities in the electroindustry. Listen online at podcast.nema.org. Check out "CPSC's Potential Changes for Voluntary Recall Notices"

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Power Plant Electrician University of Houston
SCADA Technician/Industrial Electrician Costa Mesa Sanitary District
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