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Mar. 3, 2014 Vol. 5  
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Americans Broadly Support Energy Efficiency
Efforts to promote energy efficiency enjoy overwhelming support among key political demographics, according to a poll released by the NEMA... [ read more ]

Current Conditions EBCI Rebounds in February; Optimism for First Half of 2014 Remains Strong | Chart

EBCI Rebounds in February; Optimism for First Half of 2014 Remains Strong
Confidence in future business conditions strengthened in February for the fifth consecutive... [ read more ]

DeFG | Consumer, Energy and Performance

Prepay Energy at an Inflection Point for Rapid Adoption in the Utility Sector
DEFG worked with a broad array of market participants and public stakeholders through the Prepay Energy Working Group in late 2013... [ read more ]


A better way to charge EVs? Scientists devise "packet-based" approach
A team of scientists from the University of Vermont has a new proposal. "The key to our approach is to break up the request for... [ read more ]

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