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Tuesday, January 10, 2012
feature story
Troubleshooting Tips for AFCI Installations
by Gerard Winstanley, NEMA

AFCI Image - JPGBasic wiring practices for AFCI-protected circuits

Unlike a conventional circuit breaker, which detects overloads and short circuits, an arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) uses advanced electronic technology to sense different arcing conditions. This device weeds out the harmful arc characteristics from the “normal” arcs that occur during the normal operation of loads and other wiring devices. Common household items, such as a motor-driven vacuum cleaner or a furnace motor, naturally create arcs when they operate—each of which is considered a normal arc (click here to see Fig. 1).

Another example is the arc that may occur when a light switch is turned off. Dangerous arc faults, however, may result from improper installation, damaged wiring, overheated or stressed electrical cords, worn electrical insulation, wires and/or cords in contact with vibrating metal, damaged electrical appliances, and more. This type of arc condition creates high-intensity heat, which may exceed 10,000°F and result in burning particles that can easily ignite surrounding material, such as wood framing or insulation.

AFCIs are designed to recognize arc faults when they occur and automatically shut the circuit down before it becomes a fire hazard. Manufacturers of AFCIs test for hundreds of possible operating conditions, designing each AFCI to constantly discern between normal and dangerous arcs.

Due to the proven effectiveness of AFCIs, it’s important electricians follow proper wiring practices to help minimize troubleshooting efforts. The following sections highlight some of the best practices for electrical installation projects, but especially those performed on circuits that will be protected by AFCIs. Appropriate steps to successfully troubleshoot a potential wiring problem that will cause the AFCI to trip are also covered.

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Hot Topics

New Mammogram Imaging Could Increase Early Detection Rates
"This new technology offers fast, high-quality 3D imaging of the breast and is an important new tool in our arsenal to detect breast cancer early when it is treatable. It makes breast tumors easier to see in dense breast tissue," Dr. Plecha says.
—The Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA)

ESFI Urges Consumers to Commit to Electrical Safety in 2012
The New Year signifies a new beginning, and with that comes the opportunity to make both minor and significant lifestyle improvements. While many will make resolutions on a personal level, ESFI is encouraging people to also make changes in their homes by practicing electrical safety measures that can prevent fires and help keep families safe throughout 2012 and beyond.
—Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI)

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On the Hill/Around the Nation

DOE Moves to Streamline Transmission Review: The Department of Energy in December announced a proposed rule that would better coordinate federal agencies’ authorizations for transmission projects that cross federal lands.  An offshoot of the 2009 MOU among nine federal agencies, the proposed rule would have DOE determine a lead agency for a given project and a series of intermediate and final deadlines for various permitting steps.  Projects that automatically receive this treatment are those that are 230kV and above which are regionally or nationally significant, at least in part cross federal lands, and require the approval of more than one federal agency.  Other projects which do not meet these requirements can request this treatment on a case-by-case basis.  Comments are due January 27. NEMA has been outspoken and has advocated for streamlined transmission siting processes and regulations in order to reduce grid congestion, improve the delivery of power, and facilitate new transmission infrastructure, construction, and related domestic jobs.    

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International News

Webinar:  Mandatory Eco-Design and Energy Efficiency Requirements in the European Union
Date: January 20, 2012 at 11:00am Eastern Time / 5:00pm Brussels Time
Description: U.S. exporters have to meet energy efficiency requirements in order to sell their products in Europe. The Energy Related Products (ERP) Directive has already set energy efficiency requirements for computers, televisions and set top boxes, battery chargers, external power supplies, lighting products, motors, fans, pumps, refrigeration and air conditioning, and dishwashers and washing machines. The EU has announced that many other products will come within the scope of the ERP Directive in the years ahead such as machine tools, transformers, and network, data processing and data storing equipment just to name a few. Regulation arising from the ERP Directive is subject to conformity assessment / CE Marking as well as for energy efficiency.

Learn how to meet the new requirements from experts who will talk about how to comply with the eco-design implementing measures and about market surveillance.

—U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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  • Lutron Appoints Pessina President
    Michael W. Pessina has been appointed president of energy-saving light control manufacturer Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. 01/06/12

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  • Future Conditions EBCI for North America Rises to Seven Month High in December
    Results from NEMA’s latest business conditions survey show the flagship Electroindustry Business Confidence Index (EBCI) for current North American conditions exceeded 50 points in December—with more respondents reporting conditions improved relative to the previous month than reporting they declined—for a third consecutive month. 12/28/11
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