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Tuesday, January 11, 2011
feature story
EVSE Making Waves Across Industries

The Ford Focus Electric charging station, built by Leviton and sold/installed by the Best Buy Geek Squad.

The Ford Focus Electric charging station, built by Leviton and sold/installed by the Best Buy Geek Squad.

Highlighting their increasing push into selling electric car accessories—and supporting their nationwide rollout—Best Buy will team up with Ford to help new Ford Focus Electric owners wade through the installation of charging equipment. Earlier this year, Best Buy announced it would be playing host to publicly-available charging stations as part of the EV Project, and at the end of last year Best Buy also partnered with Mitsubishi and Eaton to sell Eaton's charging stations to future owners of Mitsubishi's upcoming i-MiEV.

The announcement of the partnership with Best Buy came at the same time as the unveiling of the Ford Focus Electric at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas today. Best Buy's deal with Ford is much the same as the relationship Best Buy worked out with Mitsubishi: Best Buy will sell the charging station, as well as offer consultation and installation services through its Geek Squad—although the members of the Geek Squad who do the installation will not be the regular ones that you see at most Best Buys. Looks like Best Buy is quickly solidifying its lead in the electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) arena.

It seems that being a little late to the electric car market has provided Ford with some advantages. By listening to early customer complaints from Volt and LEAF owners, Ford has tailored their charging equipment purchase and installation services to deal with some of the loudest of those complaints.

For one, Ford is going with a unit manufactured by Leviton that allows for a "non-permanent" installation. The "Level 2" 240V unit mounts on a bracket and plugs into an outlet on the wall below it. The Level 2 stations offered with both the LEAF and the Volt require hardwiring into a circuit breaker. There is some controversy surrounding the non-permanent EVSE installations right now, and whether or not they are allowable under code, but it appears that Ford is confident in Leviton's reading of the code. For an EV owner a non-permanent installation presents some huge pluses.

NEMA’s Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment/Systems (EVSES) Section is driving the cohesive efforts of the products and services involved with the EV supply system by aligning the strengths of major stakeholders in the EV market, including auto manufacturers, utilities, and government.

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On the Hill/Around the Nation

U.S. Interior Urges Iberdrola to Cut Size of California Wind Farm
A planned 200-megawatt wind farm in San Diego County, California, could face a reduction in scale to lessen the project's in order to protect golden eagles.

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International News

U.S.-Arab Trade Opportunities
The Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the U.S. Embassy in Muscat will co-host the U.S.-Oman Joint Economic Forum in Muscat on March 6–8, 2011. With the goal of generating revenue through U.S.-Oman trade and investment, the forum is an exciting opportunity for American and Omani companies. Topics will include discussions on the U.S.-Oman Free Trade Agreement, the nature of business culture in Oman and in the U.S., identifying business partners and business opportunities, and more. For further information, please contact

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