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Monday, October 18, 2010
feature story
NEMA: A Spectrum of Media Opportunities Awaits You

NEMA: A Spectrum of Media Opportunities Awaits You (Image)For any company looking to compete in the market today, proactively engaging in market conversations is more important than ever.

In order to initiate conversation, you have to reach the right people, according to Amanda Johnson, marketing manager at IDEA, a business-to-business eCommerce solution and professional service provider.

"Advertising is great, but it's a means, not an end. Initiating a conversation with the market is one of the best ways of looking at advertising and its effectiveness," she said.

She describes NEMA's media as reaching a niche market, and as such, subscribers are really to these publications because the covered topics affect their everyday business.

With a circulation of 22,000, electrodindustry (ei) magazine's readership reaches NEMA members (18%) and non-members (82%), and subscribers' positions include executive management (31%), engineers and scientists (22%), public utilities and other energy enterprises (5%), and government agencies and officials (4%).

Ms. Johnson is a strong advocate of using web ads to initiate a conversation on something specific. When IDEA referenced a standards adoption case study in a web-based advertisement, the result was an influx of hits to the deeper page on IDEA's website. This is a correlation that definitely paid off.

"Online advertising gives you the flexibility to test ideas and find out what topics resonate with your market. Many people build fancy websites, but without meaningful content, the right visitors, and a way to keep the conversation going, you won't get the results you want," Ms. Johnson said.

The NEMA website boasts one million page views and 200,000 unique visitors per month, and 20,000 click-throughs to NEMA member websites.

"Print advertising is an effective tactic to build your brand and keep your company top of mind. When someone hits a pain point on the job that you can help them with, it's important they know who to turn to," she said.

According to Stephanie Schaefer, media sales representative for The YGS Group, removing advertising from the budget is one of the worst things a company can do.

"During the Great Depression, cereal rivals Post and Kellogg's were new to American consumers and like most businesses, they were hit hard by the economic collapse," she said. "Post decided to do away with display advertising all together. Kellogg's, on the opposite side of the spectrum, decided to take the opportunity to increase its advertising budget. Because of this, they came out of the depression with 30 percent growth, way ahead of the competition."

Even during the economic downturn, NEMA's varied group of sponsors recognized the power of marketing to the electrodindustry, and continued to target this audience via NEMA publications and media.

"The publication of the 2011 Electrical Standards and Products Guide (ESPG) is a case in point," Ms. Schaefer said. "Last year, it attracted 80,000 military, government, and private buyers and specifiers who work in a wide range of industries, most notably lighting; motors, generators, and industrial control; wire and cable; transmission and distribution; transportation; medical imaging; safety and security; engineering, architecture, and construction; chemical and petroleum industries; and other industries that use electrical equipment in daily operations."

"Advertising in NEMA's various types of media has proven to be an effective way to get our message out to manufacturing leaders. We’ve used a mix of print and web advertising and have seen an increase in website traffic as a result; NEMA continually appears as a top referring site," said Ms. Johnson. "NEMA offers a diverse offering of media opportunities to fit any budget or marketing plan."

Ellen Gager, media manager, Alexander Marketing, agrees.

"NEMA publications offer excellent value and are a cost-effective means for clients to deliver their messages to important decision makers across the electrical industry. Alexander Marketing has recommended NEMA print and online advertising to clients for more than ten years because of the high quality of readership and the loyalty of NEMA members. We believe the association with respected and reputable media brands like NEMA enhances the image and reputation of our clients in the eyes of current and prospective customers," she said.

Products include:

  • NEMA Electrical Standards and Products Guide
  • electroindustry magazine
  • NEMA electroindusty Digital Issue Sponsorship
  • eiXtra e-Newsletter
  • NEMA.org
  • NEMA Standards Annual Sponsorship
  • NEMAcast Annual Sponsorship

To initiate a conversation or start expanding your brand’s reach by targeting the electroindustry, view the NEMA 2011 Media Guide or contact Communications@nema.org

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Hot Topics

Flipping Burgers Without Guzzling Power
Coffee shops and fast-food eateries could reduce their energy use more than 50 percent with ultra-efficient appliances, lights and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, and other integrated design methods, according to a new report by the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Planar Power
A redesign of sodium-nickel chloride batteries promises to overcome some of the obstacles long associated with rechargeable batteries.

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On the Hill/Around the Nation

New Schools in New Orleans Are Sunnier, Greener
Five years after Katrina flushed water through the failed floodwalls, destroying homes, damaging classrooms, and dashing dreams, the opportunity to build green schools that save millions of dollars on energy bills is just within reach for the school districts that serve New Orleans.

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International News

Trade Mission to the Port of Veracruz Port of Veracruz, Mexico
The United States Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service (CS) is organizing an executive-led trade mission to the Port of Veracruz, Mexico, for December 6–9, 2010.

Access to Energy for Latin America and the Caribbean: Green Solutions to Regional Challenges
Held at the Inter-American Development Bank headquarters in Washington, D.C., November 3, 2010, this seminar is designed to engage private sector audiences on a variety of issues, including access to energy, available green solutions, and the role of the private sector in each. IBD will provide information on consulting, procurement, investment, and financing opportunities available to businesses in the clean and sustainable energy fields in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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NEMAcast podcast (Icon)NEMA podcast for the electroindustry.

NEMAcast focuses on news, information, and opportunities in the electroindustry. Listen online at podcast.nema.org. NEMAcast has several channels, each with a special focus on different parts of the electroindustry. Checkout "NEMA’s VP of Government Relations Discusses Transmission Corridors Issues."


Industry News


Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Siemens to Acquire Site Controls
    The Building Technologies Division of Siemens Industry, Inc. announced it has signed an agreement to acquire Site Controls, LLC, a provider of energy management solutions for multi-site commercial businesses. 10/14/10

  • Thomas & Betts Acquires Cable Management Group, Ltd.
    Thomas & Betts Corporation announced that it has acquired Cable Management Group, Ltd. (CMG), a privately held manufacturer of cable protection systems specified in industrial and infrastructure/construction applications, for £70 million (approximately $110 million). 10/08/10


  • Emerson Promotes Edward Monser to President
    Emerson announced that Chief Operating Officer Edward L. Monser was named to the additional position of president. Monser has served as COO of Emerson since November 2001. 10/12/10

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