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Tuesday, June 1, 2010
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Wire Expo 2010 Paired Shorter Stay with Co-location for Event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Wire Association International (WAI), Inc., concluded the Wire Expo 2010 and WAI's 80th Annual Convention on May 19, 2010, at the Midwest Airlines Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The exhibits, which were co-located with National Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo, had a total of 2,931 participants who had crossover access between shows.

Wire Expo registration showed 1,457 participants from 38 states and 21 countries. Early reports point to positive changes to the event initiated by a concentrated agenda that condensed exhibit days from three to two; and the coordinated scheduling with the American Wire Producers Association’s new Long Product Supply Chain Symposium, held May 9 and 10, drew 220 people, including presidents, CEOs, sales professionals, and senior managers from member companies.

WAI President Dane G. Armendariz noted that "scheduling three industry events within the same week helped a lot of visitors justify their trip to Milwaukee. The two-day exhibit format worked very well and with the convenience of the co-location, we saw a steady flow of traffic between the shows on both days."

Highlights to Wire Expo's 20th anniversary event included:

  • Participation by 157 exhibiting companies and crossover access to 100 additional exhibits
  • Guided facility tours of the Rockwell Automation and Charter Steel plants
  • 30 technical paper presentations and a "Phosphating 101" class;
  • The Annual Awards Breakfast honoring the Donnellan Memorial Award winner Brian Bouvier and the Mordica Memorial Award winner Professor Javier Gil Sevillano, as well as technical paper authors
  • The Fundamentals of Wire Manufacturing course
  • Live production solutions demonstrations
  • WAI's 5th Annual 5K Road Race, sponsored by Leoni Wire Inc.

"This event marked a first-time co-location between Wire Expo and the National Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo," said Steven J. Fetteroll, WAI executive director. "We are pleased by the cohesiveness of the combined events. We’re also especially gratified by the early feedback from a number of key exhibitors and the positive responses we’ve received from local attendees."

"The 2010 Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo exceeded expectations," said Jay Partington, president of Expo Productions. Show attendance was up 16 percent from last year, with exhibitors reporting a 40 percent increase in leads and sales. Due to co-location with the Wire Expo, companies were able to go deeper into OEMs, resulting in higher attendance."

Wire Expo is held biennially for the wire and cable manufacturing industry. Initiated in 1990 in Boston, Wire Expo offers global industry information in a regional setting and a timely meeting point for suppliers, manufacturers, buyers, researchers, and industry pioneers from around the globe.

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International News

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