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Tuesday, October 13, 2009
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Philips Expands Family of Affinium™ LED Refrigerated Display Lighting to Include New LCM310 Cooler Modules for Multi-Deck Displays

Philips Affinium LED LCM310
Philips Lighting Electronics has announced the expansion of its popular family of Philips Affinium™ LED modules for refrigerated displays to include its new Value-plus and Vision-plus LCM310 LED Cooler Modules for multi-deck display cases. With refrigerated displays accounting for a large percentage of a typical food store's energy consumption, the Affinium LCM310 represents a high-performing and energy-efficient solution that delivers enhanced visual impression of merchandise within under-shelf and multi-deck applications.

Currently the thinnest and most unobtrusive LED profile in the market at just ½" high, Affinium LCM310 Cooler Modules are designed to replace traditional tubular fluorescent lamps under the shelf and in the canopy of multi-deck display cases and are ideal for open, multi-tiered displays of meat, dairy, and deli items. The Value-plus and Vision-plus modules are available in a range of wattages, lengths, and color temperatures to support a wide variety of merchandising needs and are driven by a Philips Xitanium© LED power driver.

As with Philips’ previous range of Affinium LED modules for glass door-refrigerated displays, Affinium LCM310 modules for multi-deck displays can reduce the lighting load of a refrigerated display case by up to 80 percent over fluorescent technology while delivering equivalent or better lighting that is free of dark spotting. The LED modules feature a rated average life of 50,000 hours and provide safe and attractive white light. In contrast to their fluorescent counterparts, Affinium LED modules minimize maintenance concerns and provide a highly sustainable, mercury-free, and lead-free lighting solution for refrigeration. The Affinium LCM310 system is also fully compliant with RoHS, a worldwide directive that ensures the product’s restricted use of certain hazardous substances.

Philips’ new LCM310 LED Modules now allow grocers to benefit from the advantages of LEDs in their refrigerated multi-deck applications, providing an enhanced visual experience for customers and a significant opportunity for cost savings for retail operators. For more information on our LED modules for refrigeration, please visit www.philips.com/ledrefrigeration.

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Hot Topics

IDEA Releases the First Electrical Industry Attribute Schema to Standardize Descriptive Product Information
IDEA, an electrical industry owned eCommerce service provider, announced the release of the first Electrical Industry Attribute Schema. This schema provides suppliers with a guide to communicate a standardized set of product descriptors to their trading partners through IDEA’s data synchronization platform (DSP), as an accompaniment to the existing transactional and descriptive marketing data in industry data warehouse (IDW).

Renewables Doable for Electrical Distributors?
As distributors seek niche opportunities to capture any amount of business, many are turning to what is perceived as one of the few growth areas—energy efficiency.

Conference Tackles Interstate Transmission
More than 50 percent of the best class 5–7 winds in the Western U.S. occur in southern Wyoming. Southern California's population is expected to grow by 74 percent by 2030 to 23 million residents, and will need all the low-cost renewable power it can get.

Software Helps Design Energy Stingy Buildings
OpenStudio, a new quick, easy to use and free software tool created by NREL developers, seamlessly combines the building energy simulation of EnergyPlus with the popular drawing interface of Google's SketchUp.

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On the Hill/Around the Nation

NEMA Energy Programs Funded in Appropriations Bill: The House of Representatives voted 308-114 to adopt the conference report for the Fiscal Year 2010 Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, HR 3183, which would provide $27.1 billion to the Department of Energy and fund NEMA-advocated energy programs. Programs receiving funding include $27 million for LED lighting R&D, $32 million for Smart Grid R&D, $14 million for energy storage, and $200 million for building technologies. Senate action is expected this week. NEMA is promoting funding of key programs that will increase use of energy-efficient technologies and support market transformation.

Senate Climate Change Bill Introduced: Senators John Kerry (D-MA) and Barbara Boxer (D-CA) released their climate change legislation, S 1733, on September 30 with committee consideration beginning later in October. It aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 20 percent below 2005 levels by 2020. This is higher than the House-passed Waxman-Markey bill that contained a 17 percent reduction. NEMA is advocating incentives for energy efficiency and advanced technologies as part of any climate change legislation.

OSHA Proposes Rule to Modify Hazard Communication Standard, Safety Data Sheets: The U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) on September 30 published in the Federal Register a proposed rule to modify its existing Hazard Communication Standard to conform to the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. The proposed modifications to the standard include revised criteria for classification of chemical hazards, revised labeling provisions, and a specified format for safety data sheets. OSHA is accepting public comments on the proposed rule through December 29, 2009. NEMA is reviewing the proposed rule and welcomes input from industry on the impact of its provisions on electrical manufacturers.

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International News

Energy Minister to Unveil Solar Water Heating Framework Next Month
South African Energy Minister Dipuo Peters will present the country's national solar water heating (SWH) strategic framework to all interested stakeholders on November 5 in Johannesburg.

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Market Comments by Tom Robinson
This is a difficult commentary to write because so many prices in the stock, commodities, and currency markets seem somehow ungrounded in the fundamentals. It seems increasingly that virtually all analysts expect a weaker dollar, higher commodity prices, and plenty enough excess cash to float stocks higher. read more...

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