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NEMA's eiXtra: August 10, 2009
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Monday, August 10, 2009
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Emerson Previews State-of-the-Art, Energy-Efficient Data Center

Emerson Network Power technologies boost performance, continuity and efficiency while helping facility achieve anticipated LEED Gold Certification

Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson is previewing Emerson’s new 35,000-square-foot corporate data center, located at the company’s St. Louis headquarters. In addition to supporting the company’s initiative to consolidate its global network—composed of more than 100 data centers worldwide—into four facilities, the data center showcases a full array of innovative power, cooling, and monitoring technologies from Emerson Network Power. 

“When we started this massive data center consolidation, we admittedly set the bar high with regard to business efficiency, scalability, and—above all—availability,” said Steve Hassell, vice president and chief information officer for Emerson, adding that he expects the facility to achieve as high as LEED Gold Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. “While designing a data center with such standards can be a challenge, we were able to leverage the expertise of our businesses to deliver a powerful, efficient, best-in-class data center to support our global network and better serve our customers around the world.”

The facility, which is scheduled to take its first applications live in August, integrates numerous Emerson Network Power products—including brands such as Alber, Aperture, ASCO, Knurr, and Liebert—in addition to technologies from several IT companies, including Cisco, Dell, EMC, and Sun.

“These technologies create an integrated network and IT infrastructure that delivers ultra-high availability,” Hassell said. “In fact, we designed it so someone could use a chainsaw to cut right down the middle of the facility and none of our systems would go down.”

Hassell said the Emerson Network Power products at the heart of the IT infrastructure are the key to that reliability. Redundant, scalable power and cooling and integrated monitoring and management ensure seamless operation and availability.

The LEED Gold Certification is a result of the facility’s architectural design and efficient technology infrastructure, triggering an estimated energy savings of up to 31 percent over a traditional enterprise data center. The facility is fully equipped with a host of unique energy-saving attributes, including daylighting features, a reduced building footprint, and one of the largest rooftop solar arrays used by a data center. That solar array will provide 100 kW of power to support the facility’s IT load.

These attributes were enhanced by the strategies outlined in Emerson Network Power’s Energy Logic roadmap, which were put into practice in the new data center.  The roadmap addresses the three most critical constraints faced by data center managers today—power, cooling, and space—through 10 simple strategies that employ existing technologies and best practices to achieve the highest energy savings possible without compromising performance or availability.

To ensure the highest levels of reliability, the data center is equipped with three tiers of redundancy, with dual utility feeds, redundant Uninterruptible Power Supply protection, and onsite generators. In addition, with redundant dual-bus power capacity starting at 1,350 kW and ultimate UPS systems scalability up to 4,050 kW across dual paths, power usage can be scaled with precision to meet the facility’s highest demands without sacrificing efficiency.

The facility features new building materials that direct natural daylight into the building’s core, reducing power consumption. These materials, including hurricane-proof glass in the windows, maintain the building’s structural integrity and make it strong enough to withstand an F-3 tornado. The natural daylighting also is expected to improve employee efficiency and productivity, reduce human error, and enhance employee recruitment and retention.

"When it comes to our products and services, Emerson is committed to innovation, technological excellence, and environmental responsibility, so it makes sense that these values should be embodied in the company’s new data center," said Ed Feeney, executive vice president, Emerson and president of the Emerson Network Power Systems group. "Early in the design phase, we felt it was important to implement the efficiency strategies we have been advancing within the industry. Having accomplished this goal, we now can show the industry how incorporating these technologies and strategies into a data center can lead to better performance and reduced energy consumption, while also supporting LEED Certification initiatives."

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Wind Energy Industry Installs 1,200 Megawatts in Second Quarter
Manufacturing slowdown seen; industry calls for strong near-term renewable energy targets to keep US in worldwide lead
The U.S. wind energy industry installed 1,210 megawatts (MW) of new power generating capacity in the second quarter, bringing the total added this year to just over 4,000 MW—an amount larger than the 2,900 MW added in the first six months of 2008, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) said in its second quarter (Q2) market report.

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On the Hill/Around the Nation

Senate May Speed Consideration of "Card Check" Compromise: For months, Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) has been leading negotiations with moderates in an effort to achieve a “compromise” on the so-called “Employee Free Choice Act” (HR 1409/S 560) that can garner the 60 votes necessary to prevent a filibuster. There are recent indications that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is considering options for moving any compromise to the Senate floor as quickly as possible to prevent opponents from rallying a major campaign against it. To urge your legislators to oppose the EFCA or any compromise that sacrifices the rights of employees, please click here. NEMA opposes the anti-democratic “Employee Free Choice Act” and any measure that jeopardizes workers’ rights or forces employers into untenable labor negotiations.

House and Senate Energy Bills to Wait Until Fall: With the House passage of its comprehensive energy/climate change bill, the Senate continued work on its respective energy bill. The Senate’s bill does not contain climate-change related provisions. Therefore, hearings and further work is needed to develop climate policy in the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has given all relevant committees a deadline of September 28, 2009 to complete their work before he begins full Senate consideration. NEMA provisions are included in the House and Senate bills, and NEMA will continue to press Congress to ensure these industry prioritized programs remain intact.

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International News

Ontario Electrical Safety Authority Postpones Deadline for Manufacturer Registration Program
The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) of Ontario, Canada, has postponed the August 30, 2009, deadline for manufacturers to register if they are selling electrical products in the province.

Miner Provides Cutting Edge Ballast Systems To Brazil Based Mining Corporation
Miner Enterprises, Inc. has been chosen by Vale, the Brazilian multinational mining corporation, to supply 70 AggreGate® ballast systems.

EP Shanghai 2009 Attended by 17,248 Visitors, Smart Grid Conference Captured Market Attention
The 7th International Exhibition on Electric Power Equipment and Technology and The 6th International Exhibition on Electrical Engineering, Electrical Equipment & Contractor’s Supplies (namely as EP Shanghai / Electrical Shanghai 2009) closed with a track record of 17,248 visitors.

Renewable Energy Equipment Market Could Grow Tenfold by 2015
Revenues for Southern Africa’s renewable energy equipment market could increase to $262.3 million by 2015, as the use of the renewable technologies could grow exponentially over the next couple of years.

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