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Monday, January 12, 2009
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Energizer Partners with Universal Power Group (UPG) To Aid Motorists

Photo courtesy of Institute of Technical Information for Building Materials Industry of China.
Energizer Battery, Inc. announced it is working with Universal Power Group, Inc. (UPG) to develop a line of efficient, reliable and user-friendly automotive products that can charge portable devices, jump-start a car, and even inflate a tire while on the go.

As part of the relationship, the power of the Energizer brand will join UPG’s expertise in automotive charging systems to address consumers’ needs for portability and power—whenever and wherever they need it.

Energizer is partnering with UPG to deliver advanced, reliable automotive power solutions that have the consumer in mind with easy-to-use applications that feature clear graphics and instructions. This innovative new product line, scheduled to appear on retail shelves in summer 2009, includes:

  • an inverter that will allow motorists to convert power from the vehicle’s DC adapter to AC and USB outlets;
  • a jump starter that will allow stranded motorists to jump-start their vehicles wherever they are, without requiring a second vehicle; and
  • an all-in-one product that combines the functionality of an inverter and jump-starter and adds an air compressor so that tires can be inflated as needed.

"We are excited to combine our expertise in portable power and technology with a trusted household brand like Energizer," said Randy Hardin, President and CEO of UPG. "This partnership brings a great benefit to consumers who expect quality and reliability from their portable power products."

“Partnering with UPG makes sense for Energizer, our retail partners and for consumers,” said Danielle Kyriakos, director of new business development. “At Energizer, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions to power people’s lives. We developed these products with UPG to provide solutions with the user in mind. They were designed to be more user-friendly and less intimidating, giving people the power they need wherever and whenever they need it whether they are at home, on the road, or at a campsite.”

The line of products from Energizer and UPG will be available through automotive, mass merchandise, and other retailers. For more information on other Energizer products, visit www.energizer.com.

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Hot Topics

Illuminating Engineering Society to Hold Research Summit
As part of an on-going effort to establish a lighting industry research agenda, the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) will hold a lighting research agenda summit January 29, 2009 in Washington D.C. This summit is a follow-up to the efforts of the lighting research workshop undertaken in recent years.

GE Debuts World’s First Truly Incandescent-Shaped ENERGY SMART® CFL Bulb
Miniaturized electronics developed by GE Consumer & Industrial engineers and scientists are the enabling technology of a new covered GE Energy Smart® compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb featuring the GE Spiral® CFL inside the glass bulb.

Energizer and Fulton Innovation Partner on Wireless Power
Energizer HardCase Professional Lights and Fulton eCoupled(TM) technology to enable contactless power delivery and charging solutions
Energizer Battery, Inc. announced it is working with Fulton Innovation, LLC (Fulton) to accelerate development of efficient, intelligent wireless power solutions that can charge portable devices without traditional power cords.

GridWise Alliance Releases Smart Grid Jobs Report: 280,000 New U.S. Jobs Tied Directly to Smart Grid Deployment
In a Smart Grid Jobs Report released today by theGridWise Alliance, it is estimated that up to 280,000 new jobs can be created directlyfrom the deployment of smart grid technologies. The report explains that Federalinvestment in a smart grid could act as a catalyst for these planned and immediate directjobs as well as spawn many indirect jobs.

FACTB0X: What is a smart grid?
President-elect Barack Obama on Thursday said an economic stimulus package should include building a new electricity "smart grid.
"Smart grid" describes a more efficient, cost-saving method of moving electricity along major long-distance transmission lines to local distribution power lines and disparate end-users in homes, businesses and schools.

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On the Hill/Around the Nation

NY Gov Calls for More Energy Efficiency
New York Governor David Paterson set some lofty goals for energy efficiency and renewable power in his first state of the state address yesterday, aiming to cut electricity use by 15 percent and raise the Renewable Portfolio Standard to 30 percent by 2015 in the Empire State.

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International News

Energy Efficiency Continues to Gain Prominence Across End User Sectors
Taking a look back at the Energy & Power Industry in 2008 and its market outlook for 2009
SINGAPORE, 2008 has been a historic year for the Energy & Power industry as it began with very high commodity prices which threatened to delay several large energy & power projects because of material shortfalls.

Africa to Expand Smart Grid Project Nationwide in Ghana
Smart Grid pilot program declared a resounding success in Ghana
A smart grid technology company dedicated to leading the transformation of energy efficiency and reliability, announced today that the company has signed a 5-year modern grid contract in partnership with BPL Africa, with Ghana’s national utility, Volta River Authority (VRA).

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Industry News


Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Merge Healthcare Retains Cedara Software Shanghai Company
    Merge Healthcare has announced that it has reacquired its operations in China. The sale of Cedara Software Shanghai Co., Ltd (ShanghaiCo) to Inqgen Technology Ltd., initiated by former Merge executives in March 2008 but not finalized, has been terminated by mutual agreement of the parties. 09/01/09

  • Acuity Brands Announces Acquisition of Lighting Control & Design
    Acuity Brands, Inc. has acquired substantially all of the assets and assumed certain liabilities of California-based Lighting Control & Design, Inc. (LC&D), a manufacturer of comprehensive digital lighting controls and software. 06/01/09


  • Hubbell Announces Organizational Changes
    Hubbell Incorporated has announced that Hubbell wiring products will be combined with Hubbell electrical products to form the new Hubbell electrical systems products under the leadership of Gary Amato, the current group vice president responsible for Hubbell electrical products. 30/12/08


  • Sensor Switch named to Tech Top 40
    Sensor Switch, Inc., an industry leader in the development of lighting control products, has been chosen as one of Connecticut’s 40 fastest growing technology companies by the Connecticut Technology Council (CTC). 09/01/09

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