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Monday, November 17, 2008

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Hot Topics

Smart-Grid Enablers: GridPoint
The evolution of the global energy economy is dependent on transitioning to the “smart grid,” a term to describe an upgraded electric power transmission and distribution system that encompasses a broad range of innovations.

Smart-grid group gains Google
Google on Thursday joined a smart-grid trade association that promotes energy efficiency in the power grid and home-energy monitoring. The group, called Demand Response and Smart Grid Coalition (DRSG), includes companies that manufacture networked electricity meters and software for sharing information between consumers and utilities.

Electrical Contractor/TED Magazines Launch New Industry Effort to Eliminate Counterfeit Electrical Products
National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), www.ecmag.com www.tedmag.com Electrical contracting industry allies are joining forces in a new, industry-wide effort to eliminate the rapidly increasing crime of counterfeit electric products in the United States--90+ percent of which are imported from China.

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On the Hill/Around the Nation

Residential lighting market needs its own Energy Star criteria
Alex Baker, EPA’s Lighting Program Manager for Energy Star, discusses some of the issues surrounding the addition of LEDs to the EPA’s Residential Lighting Fixture program.

Designing Green Buildings for the Real World
Who would oppose the idea of buildings that heat, cool, ventilate and illuminate themselves — providing pure air and water in the bargain — by taking advantage of environmental forces, without depleting natural resources?

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International News

NEMA Introduces the National Electrical Code® in Chinese. In a landmark effort, NEMA Beijing worked with the China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association to translate the entire 2008 version of the NEC into Chinese. The completed document was introduced to the electrotechnology community in China at a one-day workshop with the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China. The workshop featured presentations from U.S. experts on the development and implementation of the NEC in the U.S., an overview of the technical content of the NEC, and a comparison of the NEC with the IEC 60364 series of standards covering electrical installations and protection against electric shock. The entire program is posted on the NEMA web site in both English and Chinese. Plans for further distribution of the new document are underway.

NMX Mexican Voluntary Standards will be officially required for all government purchases, according to a recent information circular furnished by the Secretary of the Economy’s General Bureau of Standards to the Mexican National Chamber of Electrical Manufacturers. This is an important step that clarifies the requirements for all public agencies in Mexico. In the correspondence the bureau reiterated the requirement that according to the Mexican Federal Administrative Procedures Law, all products, processes, installations, services and activities must comply with applicable Mexican mandatory standards (NOMs). The document went further however in stating that purchasing, leasing or trading goods and services of all agencies of the Public Federal Administration (this includes PEMEX and CFE) must also comply with the voluntary NMX standards. This position is particularly helpful for NEMA members since products purchased by the government will not be based on the lowest cost but also by adherence to recognized standards; the decree will also help avoid counterfeit products in government purchases.

The NEMA delegates to the IEC High Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear maintenance team 46 reported steady progress in developing the new standard IEC 62271-106 to replace IEC 60470. The team addressed all comments from national committees to the initial committee draft, added a new type test to address capacitor switching, added an annex for test tolerances, and removed clauses dealing with testing of thermal overload relays. The next committee draft (CD) is due out in the first quarter of 2009. It is important to note that the CANENA technical harmonization committee is working in parallel to ensure that the new requirements are consistent with those used in North America.

The NEMA delegate to the IEC Low Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear maintenance team 12 – Busways reported continued excellent results from a recent meeting in which the existing standard is being rewritten to be consistent with the new IEC general rules standard covering this class of low voltage products, the latter of which is due to be issued this year (IEC 61439-1). This is a major step forward for recognition of North American requirements, and U.S. participation in this maintenance team will ensure that the necessary requirements are retained in the new busways standard. The next meeting of this team will address specific requirements in the restructured standard.

The NEMA delegate to the IEC Electric Cables committee reported on a very successful meeting during which the technical report TR 62603 on AWG/kcmil wire sizes was presented to the committee with no objections from the attendees. The next step is a formal ballot which requires a simple majority for its acceptance. Comments will be addressed at the next meeting in the second quarter of 2009. This is a fundamental and major achievement because it will lead to the recognition of this significant class of products by the key IEC committee responsible for cables.

Green Buildings Offer Promising Solution to the Energy Crisis in South Africa
While South Africa's green building market currently lacks formalised regulation, the private sector is quickly grasping its importance.

India: Energy firms come together to promote energy efficiency
Ten private sector firms have come together to form the Alliance for Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE) to promote energy efficiency among industries and households.

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Industry News



  • ABB Leads Honors in Arabia Corporate Social Responsibility Awards
    DUBAI - ABB Industries, UAE, and eight other companies were honored on Sunday night at the first Arabia Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards at Burj Al Arab Hotel for making social responsibility fundamental to the sustainability of their institutions and society in the emirate. 10/11/08

  • ILSCO Recognized as Outstanding Supplier by IMARK Group
    ILSCO has been recognized by IMARK members with awards for excellence in service and support, excellence in sales leadership, and excellence in marketing and communications. 07/11/08

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