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Monday, August 11, 2008
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GE to Showcase Product Innovation on 31-City Low Voltage Revolution Tour

GE Consumer & Industrial’s Electrical Distribution business has announced plans to take its product portfolio directly to the home cities of electrical distributors and industrial end-users throughout North America. For a six-month period beginning in August 2008, GE’s new Low Voltage Revolution Tour will travel more than 12,000 miles, visiting 31 cities throughout the United States and Canada, spending between two and four days in each major metropolitan area.

The tour will feature a 45-foot industrial trailer that contains the latest in GE electrical distribution technology and applications, and each tour stop will include digital presentations from GE product managers as well as on-site product demonstrations. Industrial distributors, consulting engineers, original equipment manufacturers, and a variety of industrial end-users will have the opportunity to meet with GE representatives and interact with the low voltage lineup in person.

“We’ve been exploring various ways of getting our low voltage lineup in front of our customers and partners who need it most,” explains Dick Jackman, General Manager of Industrial Products at GE. “The tour will give them a chance to touch and feel these new products and see how they can work for them.”

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Hot Topics

The Value of Medical Imaging
The use of medical imaging has increased greatly over the past decade as new technologies have emerged and its diagnostic capabilities have been proven.

Howard-Suamico Schools Join Energy Efficiency Program
Thursday the Howard-Suamico school district became the 25th district to sign on to an initiative to improve energy efficiency.

2008 Savings By Design Energy Efficiency Integration Awards Presented to 7 California Buildings
Seven California nonresidential projects received 2008 Savings By Design Energy Efficiency Integration Awards for seamlessly combining architectural elegance with sustainability and energy efficiency.

Raising Energy Efficiency In A New Materials Economy
The production, processing, and disposal of material in our modern throwaway economy wastes not only material but energy as well, thus producing unnecessary, climate-disrupting carbon dioxide emissions.

What makes black & orange green? Harley-Davidson dealer wins environmental design award
Frieze Harley-Davidson has been honored by the U.S. Green Building Council for its environmentally friendly new dealership on Green Mount Road.

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On the Hill/Around the Nation

NEMA Briefed on G8 and Major Economies Climate Summit: On July 17, 2008, NEMA staff met with the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) concerning the climate negotiations at the Major Economies Leaders Meeting and G-8 summit in Toyko, Japan. To help developing economies reduce emissions, the CEQ supports global sector collaboratives. Each collaborative would examine a subset of the economy, such as transportation or building energy efficiency, and would allow technical experts from the developed countries to brief and advise their developing counterparts. NEMA supports efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and will provide expertise in the appropriate sectors to CEQ staff and the collaboratives.

Congress Approves Conference Agreement on CPSC Reform: On July 30, 2008, the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelming approved legislation (424-1) to reauthorize and strengthen the authority of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The Senate followed suit on July 31, approving the bill by a vote of 89-3. H.R. 4040, the CPSC Reform Act, is the result of a year-long effort in which NEMA was actively engaged. The final agreement increases staff and financial resources to support the CPSC’s mission. NEMA successfully prevented the inclusion of a provision that would have imposed burdensome product disclosure requirements and helped ensure that proprietary business information is protected from public release. NEMA also partnered with industry allies to limit the types of actions state attorneys general can take and to ensure that general CPSC safety standards continue to preempt state laws. President Bush is expected to sign the bill into law. NEMA supports strengthening the CPSC to enable the Commission to fulfill its mission. NEMA will continue to engage with Congress and the CPSC as the new law is implemented to ensure that industry needs are met.

NEMA Weighs in Against California PVC Packaging Legislation: Amidst strong support from its member companies, NEMA has submitted a letter to the Chair of the California Senate Appropriations Committee expressing opposition to AB 2505, which would ban the use of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) packaging for many consumer products. The letter contends that PVC packaging does not constitute a significant portion of the state’s waste stream and has not been proven to be environmentally inferior to alternative packaging materials. A broad coalition of industry associations and companies has been lobbying against this measure, which has been assigned to the Appropriations Committee “suspense file” for evaluation. NEMA will continue to follow the progress of this bill and coordinate with other associations on opposition activities.

New Delhi and IAEA Approve U.S.-India Nuclear Agreement: Prime Minister Singh survived a July vote of confidence on the Agreement, with the International Atomic Energy Agency endorsement following a few days later. However, it must still gain approval from the 45-nation Nuclear Suppliers Group—and the final step, approval by the U.S. Congress—is hardly a given. As before, the challenge lies with defining the fine line between the U.S. desire to monitor Indian compliance and India's desire to retain its "independence." NEMA supports opening the Indian market to exports of U.S. civilian nuclear equipment.

NEMA Participates in “National Dialogue” Meeting on Lamp Recycling: NEMA staff and member company representatives from our lamp manufacturing section attended a recent stakeholders’ “national dialogue” in Seattle on mercury lamp recycling. The second in a series of four consultations organized under a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grant by the Product Stewardship Institute, the meeting sought to develop a consensus statement or, if possible, model legislation approved by all stakeholders that can be used to facilitate policies ensuring proper disposal of mercury-added lamps. NEMA is engaged in other working groups and task forces formed to address lamp recycling issues and will continue to promote solutions that accord with industry policies.

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International News

NEMA Mexico Update
NEMA Mexico reports that one mandatory and several voluntary electrical standards were published by the Mexican government with effective dates in late September.

The mandatory standard is NOM-004-ENER-2008 Energy Efficiency for Pumps and Motor-Pump Systems for water of 0.187 kW to 0.746 kW—Limits, Test Methods, and Labeling. The standard was issued on July 25 and will become effective on September 23. It cancels the 1995 version. Pumps and motor-pump systems certified under the 1995 version of the standard may be sold until inventory is depleted.

Three voluntary standards that will become effective on September 20 were published by the DGN of Secretary of the Economy in the Mexican Official Gazette on July 25.

They are:

  • NMX-J-565/8-ANCE-2008 Safety Requirements—Rain—Test Method. The standard was developed by the ANCE PIE Test Method Working Group as an independent test method to be included as a reference standard in other NMX standards. NEMA Mexico participated in the working group.
  • NMX-J-353-ANCE-2008 MCC: Specifications and Test Methods. This Trinational standard is based on UL 845. NEMA Mexico supported this CANENA effort by participating in ANCE SC Industrial Control and Distribution (CDI) Subcommittee C – Motors and Control Centers.
  • NMX-J-605-ANCE-2008 Field Identification for Luminaires. This standard is based on NEMA ANSI C136.15. NEMA Mexico is an active participant in ANCE SC 34D Luminaires.

Safety Issues
The Mexico office also held its fourth electrical safety meeting of the year on July 25. Working with CANAME, a plan was refined to include 500,000 safety flyers with basic safety tips bimonthly through the Luz y Fuerza utility statements. In addition, the safety flyers were distributed through the ANCE and NEMA booths at the Expo Electrica 08 and will be distributed at the CANAME Symposium on August 13-14 and Expo Energy Efficiey on August 21-23.

For more information, contact Gustavo Dominguez, guguez@prodigy.net.mx.

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Sales Corner

Sales Forecasting – An Elusive Science
Obtaining accurate forecasts is a serious challenge for the vast majority of sales managers.

Managing sales pipeline is typically one of the most frustrating areas for companies. Sales executives are constantly challenged to explain why so many prospects fail to close as forecasted. Equally disconcerting is why so many prospects seem to be cooperative with salespeople, yet then give their business to a competitor…or do nothing.

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Industry News


Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Schneider Electric to Acquire Xantrex
    Schneider Electric has signed a definitive agreement with Xantrex Technology Inc. providing for the acquisition by Schneider Electric of all of the common shares of Xantrex. 30/08/08



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  • Mark Your Calendar. . .
    GridWeek, on of the premiere U.S. conferences on the development in the Smart Grid, will be held in Washington, DC September 13-25. Key topics for GridWeek 2008 include: enabling alternative distributed generation, facilitating efficiency and carbon reduction, ensuring clean environment, exploring new business models, implementing the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 and developing Smart Grid Interoperability standards. 11/08/08

  • NEMA Salutes. . .
    Allied Moulded Products, Inc. , manufacturer of the original fiberglass outlet box, was established in August 1958. In August 2008, Allied Moulded celebrates their 50 th anniversary. 11/08/08

  • NEMA Commends Congress for Strengthening CPSC
    Prior to adjourning for the summer district work period, the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate overwhelming approved legislation (H.R. 4040) to reauthorize and enhance the U.S. 05/08/08

Standardizations Trends

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  • Slowing Growth In Nonresidential Construction
    Growth in spending for the private nonresidential construction sector slowed to a 2008 low of 0.2 percent compared to April. Year-over-year growth was more robust, increasing by 16.6 percent. The lodging component, followed by electric power and manufacturing, continued to show solid growth by gaining 42.0, 39.6, and 34.3 percent, respectively, compared to the same period last year. Although growth in the sector during the first half of 2008 was stout, it is expected this trend will wane in the latter part of the year and into 2009.
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