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Engineering Bulletins

Document created to provide technical information addressing a specific issue related to a specific product or group of products, to interpretation of or explanation of policies or procedures, or other information somewhat outside the scope of a standard.  

Bulletin No. 112,Selection and Installation of Type MC-PCS cable.pdf  Approved Oct. 2017

Bulletin No. 111,Magnet Wire Product Identification Numbering.pdf, Approved Dec. 2015

Bulletin No. 110,Drain Openings in Boxes and Conduit Bodies Listed for Damp or Wet Locations.pdf, Approved Sep. 16, 2015 (Rev.12/15/16)

Bulletin No. 109,Screw Attachments to Electrical Boxes, Approved Feb. 5, 2015

Bulletin No. 108,Application of Flexible Conduit for Structural Joints  Approved Dec. 11, 2014

Bulletin No. 107,Inclusion of Alternate Metal Types for UL 360 LFMC.pdfInclusion of Alternate Metal Types for UL 360 LFMC, Approved June 2014

Bulletin No. 106,Bull_106_Applications for MC Cable and NEMA WC 70_02_24_14.pdfApplications for MC Cable and NEMA WC, Approved February 2014

Bulletin No. 105,Fine-Stranded Cable Connections, Approved April 2012

Bulletin No. 104,Use of Listed Flexible Raceways, Approved April 2012

Bulletin No. 103,Photovoltaic wiring methods,  Approved June 2015

Bulletin No. 102, revised_04_13_17_Building Wire and Cable NRTLs.pdf

Bulletin No. 101,Wiring Options for Protected Premises Fire Alarm Systems based on NFPA 72 Survivability Requirements Approved April 2011

Bulletin No. 100, Flexible Metal Conduit and Liquidtight Flexible Metal Conduit_NRTLs.pdf  Approve April 2017

Bulletin No. 99,Electrical Cable Type and Dimensional Considerations for Compatibility with Listed Cable Fittings (Connectors) and Box Cable Clamps  Approved March 2010

Bulletin No. 98,Building Wire and Cable and the LEED Rating System, Approved January 2010

Bulletin No. 97,Steel Conduit and EMT-Proven to Meet the NEC Reg.pdf,  Approved Mar. 2009 (Rev. 6/2015)

Bulletin No. 96,UL and NEC Reg for Corrosion Protection of Steel Conduit and Electrical Metalling Tubing.pdf , Approved August 2008 (Rev. 9/15)

Bulletin No. 95,Thermal Effects of Residential-Installed Type NM-B Cable.pdf  Approved (Rev. 8/17).

Bulletin No. 94,Type NM-B Cable Jacket Color Coding for Conductor Size Idenification Approved October 2006 (Rev. 10/12)

Bulletin No. 93,Bull_93_revised_2_24_14_FMC lengths.pdfBull_93_revised_2_24_14_FMC lengths, Approved April 2006 (Reaffirmed 12/11, Rev. 2/14).

Bulletin No. 92,Use of Type NM-B Cable for Wiring of Residential Lighting Fixtures   Approved December 2005 (Rev. 10/12).

Bulletin No. 91,NEMA Termination of Bonding Strip on Type AC Cable. Approved August 2003 (Reaffirmed 12/11).

Bulletin No. 90,Use of Anti-Short Bushings for Terminating Type MC Cable   Approved Aug 2002 (Reaffirmed 12/11/14).

Bulletin No. 89,NEMA Policy on Adoption of the National Electrical Code. Approved March 1999 (Rev. 11/07).

Bulletin No. 88,Phantom Voltages. Approved October 1998 (Rev. February 2003, Reaffirmed 12/11).

Bulletin No. 84,FCC Regulations Applicable to NEMA Products .pdfFCC Regulations Applicable to NEMA Products , Approved August 2012.

Bulletin No. 71,Knockout Diameters and Fitting Dimensions to Assure Mechanical and Electrical Continuity. Approved April 1999 (Rev. 1979, Reaffirmed 9/04 and 12/11).

Bulletin No. 55,Multiple Knockouts. Approved September 2004 (Rev. 1984, Reaffirmed 1999 and 2011).


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