The Association of Electrical Equipment and Medical Imaging Manufacturers
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Meet a Field Representative

Want to meet with a NEMA Field Representative? One of them may be coming to your area soon. Below are their itineraries for the next few weeks:

JULY  2014

Bryan Holland

  •  July 2
    IAEI North Florida Division Meeting
    Palatka, FL  
  • July 8
    Texas Chapter Meeting
    Irving, TX
  • July 9
    IAEI Corporate Headquarters
    Richardson, TX
  • July 11
    North Carolina Code Teleconference
    Port Charlotte, FL
  • July 16-19
    IAEI Georgia Chapter Annual Meeting
    Savannah, GA
  • July 24 -26
    Southeast Builders Conference
    Orlando, FL
  • July 28
    National Fire Marshals Conference
    St. Pete Beach, FL

Donald Iverson    

  • July 8       

    IAEI Northwest Ohio Division Meeting
    Rossford, OH 

  • July 9
    IAEI Southwest Ohio Division Meeting
    Monroe City Hall, OH

  • July 22
    IAEI Akron Ohio Division Meeting
    Akron, OH

  • July 23
    Field Rep Meeting with Bryan Holland
    Port Charlotte, FL

  • July 23
    Ohio RCAC Review Committee
    Reynoldsburg, OH

Jack Lyons

  • July 3
    Board of Fire Prevention Regulators
    Stowe, MA
  • July 7
    Ways and Means Meeting
    Boston, MA
  • July 11
    New Hampshire Building Council Meeting
    Concord, NH
  • July 16
    New York City Code Advisory Committee
    New York City, NY
  • July 18
    Maine Electrical Board
    Gardnier, ME   
  • July 27 -30
    National Fire Marshals Conference
    St. Pete Beach, FL

Mike Stone

  • July 2
    ICC Peninsula Chapter Meeting
    Santa Clara, CA
  • July 12
    IAEI Puget Sound Meeting 
    Seattle, WA
  • July 15
    California Building Code Training
    Los Angeles, CA
  • July 16
    IAEI Southern California Chapter Meeting
    Downey, CA
  • July 17
    ICC Monterey Bay Chapter Meeting
    Marina, CA
  • July 22
    California Building Standards Commission Meeting
    Sacramento, CA
  • July 24
    ICC/IAEI Training
    Fairfield, CA
  • July 28 -30
    National Fire Marshals Conference
    St. Pete's Beach, FL