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September 24, 2012 - Washington

The Washington State Building Code Council held public hearings on September 21, 2012, on proposed changes to the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). These types of changes tend to produce a patchwork of costly regional requirements that vary from other national consensus performance standards. The proposed changes included the following:

  1. R101.2 – Scope. Creation of a Maximum/Minimum rule, potentially imposing further costs on construction.
  2. R202 – Definitions. Definition of “High Efficacy Luminaire” has been removed, as well as all subsequent references to luminaires in the rest of the code. Code only refers to “High Efficacy Lamps”.
  3. R401.3 – Certificate (Mandatory). The compliance certificate is allowed to be posted within 3 feet of the electrical panel instead of directly on the panel.
  4. R402.4.4 – Recessed lighting. Wording has been changed to require “certified” instead of “labeled” for air leakage for recessed luminaires installed in the thermal envelope. This requires third-party verification instead of only labeling of the product.
  5. R403.1.1 – Programmable thermostats. Further performance requirements for programmable thermostats, including additional programmable setback periods and a minimum 10 degrees F deadband.
  6. R403.9.4 – Residential Pool Pumps. A new section has been added. Some of the provisions include: prohibition of split-phase or capacitor start/induction run motors; motors over 1 HP must be capable of operating at two or more speeds; pump motor controls are regulated.
  7. R404 – Electric Power and Lighting Systems. All references to “high efficacy luminaires” have been deleted, only references to “high efficacy lamps” remain.

Contact: Mike Stone at mike.stone@nema.org


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