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Code Alert: Michigan, 01 June 2011

Back in April, the Michigan State Legislature introduced HB 4561 that would change the current code adoption schedule from the required 3 year to a 6 year cycle. The Authors intent of this bill is to lower costs associated with new code adoptions and to make the state more business friendly.

Currently, Michigan has adopted the 2008 National Electrical Code (NEC) which went into effect in December of 2009. Normally, at this point, the state Electrical Advisory committee would be in the review process phase to adopt the 2011 NEC. Which includes new energy technology provisions such as Article 694 Small Wind Electric Systems, changes to Article 625 Electrical Vehicle Charging Systems to name a few. Why should the state hinder electrical safety and not give the local municipalities authority over new energy technologies to ensure proper installation? Many of these types of installations do not increase costs to construction adopting codes on a 3 year cycle ensures electrical safety remains a high priority. So why hinder new technology in Michigan by not adopting the most current code to ensure electrical safety to all citizens in Michigan.

I strongly encourage you to contact the following members of the Regulatory Reform Committee to voice your concern for HB 4561 and vote down this attack on electrical safety in Michigan.

Rep. Hugh Crawford (Chairman)
Rep. Ken Yonker (Vice Chairman)
Rep. Kevin Daley
Rep. Ray Franz
Rep. Ed McBoom
Rep. Tom McMillin
Rep. Paul Opsommer
Rep. Bruce Rendon
Rep. Mike Shirkey
Rep. Jim Stamas
Rep. Tim Melton
Rep. Harold Haugh
Rep. Barb Byrum
Rep. Dian Slavens
Rep. Jimmy Womack