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Code Alert: Iowa, 04 January 2011

January 2011. There is an attack underway in the State of Iowa Legislature that will repeal the Electrical Licensing Laws in the State. If this attack is successful, it will have a profound effect on the State’s ability to mandate that electricians in Iowa are properly trained and qualified to perform safe electrical installations.

Below is the proposed bill to repeal the State Electrical Licensing.


The electrical industry is urged to contact the below Legislators that have publicly supported this Legislation and tell them to reconsider this disregard of electrical safety.

Please contact the following Legislators:

  • Thomas Sands tom.sands@legis.state.ia.us

  • Dave Deyoe dave.deyoe@legis.state.ia.us

  • Steven Lukan steven.lukan@legis.state.ia.us

  • Matt Windschitl matt.windschitl@legis.state.ia.us

  • Cecil Dolecheck cecil.dolecheck@legis.state.ia.us

  • Royd Chambers royd.chambers@legis.state.ia.us

  • Ralph Watts ralph.watts@legis.state.ia.us

  • Jeff Kaufmann jeff.kaufmann@legis.state.ia.us

  • Chuck Soderberg chucksoderberg@legis.state.ia.us

  • Gary Worthan gary.worthan@legis.state.ia.us

  • Jason Schultz jason.schultz@legis.state.ia.us

  • Contact: Don Iverson: don.iverson@nema.org


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