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Incandescent Set


Status: Active
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The incandescent lamps set package are general lighting, projector lamps, miniature lamps, automotive lamps, aircraft lamps, stage lamps and studio lamps. Set includes: ANSI C78.20, ANSI/ANSLG C78.21, ANSI C78.22, ANSI C78.23, ANSI C78.24,  ANSI C78.30, ANSI C78.260, ANSI C78.261, ANSI/ANSLG C78.357, ANSI C78.370, ANSI C78.370.390, ANSI C78.379, ANSI C78.390, ANSI C78.391, ANSI C78.1401, ANSI C78.1402, ANSI C78.1403, ANSI C78.1406, ANSI C78.1407, ANSI C78.1408, ANSI C78.1413, ANSI C78.1417, ANSI C78.1420, ANSI C78.1421, ANSI C78.1431, ANSI C78.1432, ANSI C78.143, ANSI C78.1434, ANSI C78.1435, ANSI C78.1450, ANSI C78.1451, ANSI C78.1460, ANSI/ANSLG C78.60432:1, ANSI/ANSLG C78.60432:2, ANSI/ANSLG C78.60432:3, ANSI C79.1, ANSI/ANSLG C81.61, ANSI/ANSLG C81.62, ANSI/ANSLG C81.63, ANSI C82.77. ​​


Published Date: Oct.1.2012

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$1,796 [BUY]

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