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Electrical and Electronic Cross-Linked, Modified Low-Smoke Polyolefin (XLPO) Insulated Hook-Up Wire, Types LS (rated 105°C; 600 V), ZHDM (rated 90°C; 600 V), ZHDH (rated 90°C; 600 V), ZH (rated 125°C; 600 V), and ZHX (rated 125°C; 1000 V)


Status: Active
Document ID: 100232
ANSI/NEMA HP 8-2013   [BUY]

Covers specific requirements for crosslinked, modified, polyolefin insulated solid and stranded wire, designed to the internal wiring of high-reliability electrical and electronic equipment.


Published Date: Jul.22.2013
Number of pages: 23
Document ID: 100232

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