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NEMA ICS 61800-4-2004Adjustable Speed Electrical Power Drive Systems, Part 4 General Requirements-Rating Specifications for AC Power Drive Systems Above 1,000 V AC and Not Exceeding 35 kV
NEMA ICS 6-1993 (R2001, R2006)Industrial Control and Systems Enclosures
NEMA ICS 7.1-2014Safety Standards for Construction and Guide for Selection, Installation and Operation of Adjustable Speed Drive Systems
NEMA ICS 7-2014Adjustable Speed Drives
NEMA IIC 1 v02Digital Imaging and Communications in Security Information Object Definitions (IODs)
NEMA KS 1-2013Heavy Duty Enclosed and Dead-Front Switches (600 Volts Maximum)
NEMA KS 3-2010Guidelines for Inspection and Preventive Maintenance of Switches Used in Commercial and Industrial Applications
NEMA LA 1-2009Surge Arresters
NEMA LC 1-2007 (R2013)Test Procedure for Compatibility of Hearing Aids and Ultrasonic Lighting Control Devices
NEMA LD 3.1-1995Performance, Application, Fabrication, and Installation of High Pressure Decorative Laminates
NEMA LE 4-2012Recessed Luminaires-Ceiling Compatibility
NEMA LE 5-2001Procedure for Determining Luminaire Efficacy Ratings for Fluorescent Luminaires
NEMA LE 5A-1999Procedure for Determining Luminaire Efficacy Ratings for Commercial, Non-Residential Downlight Luminaires
NEMA LE 5B-1998Procedure for Determining Luminaire Efficacy Ratings for High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Industrial Luminaires
NEMA LE 6-2014Procedure for Determining Target Efficacy Ratings for Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Luminaires
NEMA LI 1-1998 (R2011)Industrial Laminated Thermosetting Products
NEMA LI 6-1993 (R1999, R2005)Relative Temperature Indices of Industrial Thermosetting Laminates
NEMA LL 1-1997Procedures for Linear Fluorescent Lamp Sample Preparation and the TCLP
NEMA LL 2-1997 (R2002)Procedures for Pin-Based Compact Fluorescent Lamp Sample Preparation and the TCLP
NEMA LL 3-1999Procedures for High-intensity Discharge Lamp Sample Preparation and the TCLP
NEMA LL 4-1999Procedures for Incandescent Lamp Sample Preparation and the TCLP
NEMA LL 5-1999Procedure for U-shaped Fluorescent Lamp Sample Preparation and the TCLP
NEMA LL 6-1999Procedures for Integral Electronic Compact Fluorescent Lamp Sample Preparation and the TCLP
NEMA LL 7-2006Generic Designation System for Pin-Based Compact Fluorescent and T5 Twin Fluorescent Lamps
NEMA LL 8-2010Limits on Mercury Content in Self-Ballasted Compact Fluorescent Lamps
NEMA LL 9-2011Dimming of T8 Fluorescent Lighting Systems​​
NEMA LS 1-1992 (R2000)Low-Voltage Surge-Protection (LVSP) Devices
NEMA LSD 10-2000A Guide for the Safe Use of Remote Illumination Systems Equipment, Including a Glossary of Definitions
NEMA LSD 11-2010White Paper on Outdoor Lighting Issues and Quality Lighting Applications
NEMA LSD 1-2003 (R2011)Tungsten Halogen (TH) Lamps (Bulbs) Ultraviolet, Rupture and High Temperature Risks
NEMA LSD 13-2001Exit Sign Brightness for Visibility and Safety
NEMA LSD 14-2012Guidelines on the Application of Dimming to High-Intensity Discharge Lamps
NEMA LSD 15-1993 (R2001)Radioactive Substances in Compact Fluorescent Lamps
NEMA LSD 17-1997 (R2001)Consumer Guide for 4-Ft Fluorescent Bulbs
NEMA LSD 18-2003 (R2012)Compatibility of Fluorescent Lamps and Electronic Ballasts in Frequently Switched Applications
NEMA LSD 21-2012End-of-life Operation of Small Diameter (5/8 in. Diameter or Less) Pin-Based Fluorescent Lamps
NEMA LSD 2-2012Wiring Requirements for T8 Lamps with Instant-Start Ballasts
NEMA LSD 22-2001Demand Reduction and Energy Savings Using Occupancy Sensors
NEMA LSD 23-2010Recommended Practice-Lamp Seasoning for Fluorescent Dimming Systems
NEMA LSD 24-2012Marking of Luminaire Codes on Metal Halide Lamps
NEMA LSD 25-2008Best Practices for Metal Halide Lighting Systems, Plus Questions and Answers about Lamp Ruptures in Metal Halide Lighting Systems
NEMA LSD 27-2012Best Practices for Operating Fluorescent Lighting Systems
NEMA LSD 28-2014Minimizing the Potential of Base Arcing Between Certain Wattage HID Lamps and Lampholders
NEMA LSD 29-2012Incompatibility of T8 Ballasts (RS, PS, Dimming) and Shunted Bi-Pin Lampholders
NEMA LSD 2A-2007Application Note Wiring Requirements for T8 Fluorescent Lamps with Instant-Start Ballasts
NEMA LSD 2B-1999Application Note Wiring Requirements for 2G11 Based T5 Fluorescent Twin Lamps With Instant-Start Ballasts
NEMA LSD 31-2005A Lighting Systems Division Information Bulletin Changes to the 2005 NEC Will Impact Future Metal Halide Systems Options
NEMA LSD 3-2012Interaction of Infrared Controls and Electronic Compact Fluorescent Lamps
NEMA LSD 34-2012Recommended Practices for T8 Rapid-Start Fluorescent Lamp Dimming (17 W, 25 W, 32 W and 40 W Lamps)
NEMA LSD 35-2012ANSI Code Update to Include Letter C for Ceramic Metal Halide Lamps

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