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NEMA DC 13-1979 (R1985, R1991, R1997, R2002, R2008, R2013)Residential Controls-Line Voltage Integrally Mounted Thermostats for Electric Heaters
NEMA DC 20-1992 (R2003, R2009, R2014)Residential Controls-Class 2 Transformers
NEMA DC 2-1982 (R1988)Quick-Connect Terminals
NEMA DC 3, Annex A-2013Energy-Efficiency Requirements for Programmable Thermostats
NEMA DC 3-2013Residential Controls-Electrical Wall-Mounted Room Thermostats
NEMA DC 5-1989 (R1996, R2002, R2008)Residential Controls-Surface-Type Controls for Electric Storage Water Heaters
NEMA EI 21.1-1993 (R2002)Instrument Transformers for Revenue Metering (110 kV BIL and Less)
NEMA EI 21.2-1991 (R1997, R2002)Instrument Transformers for Revenue Metering (125 kV BIL through 350 kV BIL)
NEMA EM 1-2010Exit Sign Visibility Testing Requirements for Safety and Energy Efficiency
NEMA ERH-2014​​Market Benefits of Electric Resistance Heat​
NEMA ERH-FRENCH-2014​Avantages du chauffage par résistance électrique
NEMA EVSE 1.2-2015​EV Charging Network Interoperability Standard Part 2 A Contactless RFID Credential for Authentication (UR Interface)
NEMA EW 1-1988 (R1994, R1999, R2004)Electric Arc-Welding Power Sources
NEMA EW 3-1983 (R1995, R1999, R2002)Semi-Automatic Wire-Feed Systems for Arc Welding
NEMA EW 4-2009Graphic Symbols for Arc-Welding and Cutting Apparatus
NEMA EW 6-2006Guidelines for Precautionary Labeling for Arc-Welding and Cutting Products
NEMA EW 9-2012Arc Welding Power Sources–Energy Consumption Testing and Labeling
NEMA FB 2.10-2013Selection and Installation Guidelines for Fittings for Use with Non-Flexible Electrical Metal Conduit or Tubing (Rigid Metal Conduit, Intermediate Metal Conduit and Electrical Metallic Tubing)
NEMA FB 2.20-2014Selection and Installation Guidelines for Fittings for Use with Flexible Electrical Conduit and Cable
NEMA FG 1-1993Fiberglass Cable Tray Systems
NEMA FI 2-1992 (R1999, R2004)Untreated Mica Paper Used for Electrical Insulation
NEMA FRP 1-2015 The Importance of Licensing, Permitting, and Inspection to NEMA Member Companies
NEMA FU 1-2012Low Voltage Cartridge Fuses
NEMA HP 100-1991 (R1999, R2005, R2010) Series (HP 100-100.4)High-Temperature Instrumentation and Control Cables
NEMA HP 7-2011Electrical and Electronic PVC, PVC/Nylon, and PE/Nylon 105ºC Hook-Up Wire, Types B, C, D, BN, CN, and DN (600, 1000, and 3000 V), and Types J and JN 75ºC (600V)
NEMA HV 2-2014​Suspension and Post Type Insulators for Electric Power Overhead Lines General Use Information
NEMA IA 2.2-2005Programmable Controllers (PLC), Part 2 Equipment Requirements and Test
NEMA IA 2.3-2005Programmable Controllers (PLC), Part 3 Programming Languages
NEMA IA 2.5-2005Programmable Controllers (PLC), Part 5 Communications
NEMA IA 2.7-2005Programmable Controllers (PLC), Part 7 Fuzzy Control Programming
NEMA IA 2.8-2005Programmable Controllers (PLC), Part 8 Guidelines for the Application and Implementation of Programming Languages
NEMA ICS 1.1-1984 (R1988, R1993, R1998, R2003, R2009, R2015)Safety Guidelines for the Application, Installation and Maintenance of Solid State Control
NEMA ICS 1.3-1986 (R2001, R2009, R2015)Preventive Maintenance of Industrial Control and Systems Equipment
NEMA ICS 10-2005, Part 1Part 1 Electromechanical AC Transfer Switch Equipment
NEMA ICS 10-2005, Part 2AC Transfer Equipment, Part 2 Static AC Transfer Equipment
NEMA ICS 10-2010, Part 3Safety Bulletin NEMA Safety Considerations for Residential Transfer Equipment and Residential Transfer Switches
NEMA ICS 10-2015, Part 4Guide to Application of Low-voltage Automatic Transfer Switch Equipment
NEMA ICS 12.1-1997Industrial Control and Systems Profiles of Networked Industrial Devices-Part 1 General Rules
NEMA ICS 1-2000 (R2005, R2008, R2015)Industrial Control and Systems General Requirements
NEMA ICS 14-2015Application Guide for Electric Fire Pump Controllers
NEMA ICS 15.1-2012Instructions for the Handling, Installation, Operation, and Maintenance of Medium Voltage Electric Fire Pump Controllers Rated Not More Than 7200V
NEMA ICS 15-2011Instructions for the Handling, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Electric Fire Pump Controllers Rated Not More Than 600 V
NEMA ICS 16-2001Motion/Position Control Motors, Controls and Feedback Devices
NEMA ICS 18-2001 (R2007)Motor Control Centers
NEMA ICS 19-2002 (R2007)Diagrams, Device Designations and Symbols
NEMA ICS 2.3-1995 (R2002, R2008)Instructions for the Handling, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Motor Control Centers Rated Not More Than 600 V
NEMA ICS 2.4-2003 (R2012)NEMA and IEC Devices for Motor Service-A Guide for Understanding the Differences
NEMA ICS 20-2009 (R2015) Informational Guide to Electrical Industrial Topics
NEMA ICS 2-1996, Part 8 (R2004, R2009)Controllers, Contactors and Overload Relays Rated Not More Than 2,000 V AC or 750 V DC, Part 8 Disconnect Devices for Use in Industrial Control Equipment
NEMA ICS 2-2000 (R2005)Controllers, Contactors and Overload Relays Rated 600 V

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