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NEMA MW 700-1997Test Procedures for Magnet Wire Plastic Spools/Reels
NEMA MW 750-2009 (R2014)Dynamic Coefficient of Friction of Film-Insulated Magnet Wire
NEMA MW 755-1996Straight Flange Magnet Wire Plastic Spools/Reels
NEMA MW 760-1996Tapered Flange Magnet Wire Plastic Spools/Reels
NEMA MW 765-2003 (R2008, R2013)Reclaiming of Magnet Wire Packaging
NEMA MW 770-1997 (R1998)Unified Customer Labeling for Magnet Wire Products
NEMA MW 780-2005 (R2011)Returnable Packaging for 24x6 Magnet Wire Reels
NEMA MW 785-2000 (R2006, R2011)Simulated Insertion Force Test for Film-Insulated Round Magnet Wire
NEMA MW 790-2000AC Overload Test for Film Insulated Magnet Wire
NEMA MW 800-1996Guidelines for Precautionary Labeling of Magnet Wire
NEMA NS 1-2005Guide for Preparation of NEMA Standards Publications
NEMA NU 1-2012Performance Measurements of Gamma Cameras
NEMA NU 2-2012Performance Measurements of Positron Emission Tomographs (PETs)
NEMA NU 3-2004Performance Measurements and Quality Control Guidelines for Non-Imaging Intraoperative Gamma Probes
NEMA NU 4-2008 Performance Measurements of Small Animal Positron Emission Tomographs (PETs)
NEMA OS 3-2012Selection and Installation Guidelines for Electrical Outlet Boxes
NEMA PB 1.1-2002 (en Espanol)Instrucciones Generales para la Instalacion, Operacion y el Mantenimiento Correcto de Tableros de Alumbrado y Control Hasta 600 V Nominales o Menos
NEMA PB 1-2011Panelboards
NEMA PB 2.1-2002 (en Espanol)Instrucciones Generales para el Manejo, Instalacion, Operacion y Mantenimiento Correcto de Tableros de Distribucion de Frente Muerto Hasta 600 V Nominales o Menos
NEMA PB 2.2-2014Application Guide for Ground-Fault Protective Devices for Equipment
NEMA PB 2-2011Deadfront Distribution Switchboards
NEMA PE 1-2012Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)-Specification and Performance Verification
NEMA PE 5-1997 (R2003)Utility-Type Battery Chargers
NEMA PE 7-1997 (R2003)Communications-Type Battery Chargers
NEMA PremiumGeneral Specification for Consultants, Industrial and Municipal NEMA Premium® Efficiency Electric Motors (600 V or Less)
NEMA PRP 1-2014​​Guidelines for Conduit-in-Casing Construction
NEMA PRP 2-2014Guidelines for Solvent-Cementing Joints for PVC Rigid Nonmetallic Conduit, Duct, and Fittings
NEMA PRP 3-2009 Expansion Epoxy-Based Fittings for RTRC Rigid Nonmetallic Conduit
NEMA PRP 4-2009Expansion Fittings for Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Rigid Nonmetallic Conduit
NEMA PRP 5-2015Installation Guidelines for Surface Nonmetallic Raceway
NEMA RE 2-1999Electrical Insulating Varnish
NEMA RN 1-2005 (R2013)Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Externally Coated Galvanized Rigid Steel Conduit and Intermediate Metal Conduit
NEMA RN 2-1997 (R2009)Packaging of Master Bundles for Electrical Rigid Metal Conduit (ERMC)-Steel, Electrical Intermediate Metal Conduit (EIMC)-Steel, and Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT)-Steel
NEMA RN 3-1991 (R2002)Product Identification Numbers for Metallic Tubular Conduit Products for Use with Bar Coding and Electric Data Interchange (EDI) Applications
NEMA RT 1-2014Gating Interface
NEMA RV 1-2014Application and Installation Guidelines for Armored Cable and Metal-Clad Cable
NEMA RV 2-2011Application and Installation Guidelines for Nonmetallic-Sheathed (NM-B) Cable and Underground Feeder and Branch Circuit (UF-B) Cable
NEMA RV 3-2014Application and Installation Guidelines for Flexible and Liquidtight Flexible Metal and Nonmetallic Conduits
NEMA RV 4-2012Application Guidelines for Service-Entrance Cable
NEMA SB 10-1991 (R1998, R2005, R2010)Audio Standard for Nurse Call Systems
NEMA SB 11-2011Guide for Proper Use of System Smoke Detectors
NEMA SB 1-2014Quality Informational Guide for Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
NEMA SB 13-2012Guide for Proper Use of Smoke Detectors in Duct Applications
NEMA SB 19-(R2007)NEMA Installation Guide for Nurse Call Systems (R2007)
NEMA SB 20-2015​Guide to Understanding Smoke Control Systems
NEMA SB 2-2010Training Manual on Fire Alarm Systems
NEMA SB 28-1992 (R1997, R2003)Product Safety Guide for Developing Documentation for Fire Alarm Systems and Equipment
NEMA SB 29-1994Impact of Electrostatic Discharges in the Hospital Environment
NEMA SB 30-2005Fire Service Annunciator and Interface
NEMA SB 3-1969 (R1989, R1994)Interconnection Circuitry of Noncoded Remote Station Protective Signaling Systems

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