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NEMA MW 820-2016Conductor Softness Testing Methods
ANSI C78.60360-2002 (S2016)American National Standard for Electric Lamps— Standard Method of Measurement of Lamp Cap Temperature Rise
ANSI C78.381-1961 (R2011, S2016)American National Standard for Electric Lamps—Method for the Designation of Glow Lamps
ANSI C78.1195-2016American National Standard for Electric Lamps—Double-Capped Fluorescent Lamps—Safety Specifications
ANSI C78.62035-2016American National Standard for Electric Lamps—Discharge Lamps (Excluding Fluorescent Lamps)—Safety Specifications
ANSI C78.1199-2016American National Standard for Electric Lamps— Single-Capped Fluorescent Lamps—Safety Specifications
ANSI C78.51-2016American National Standard for Electric Lamps—LED (Light Emitting Diode) Lamps—Method of Designation
NEMA WC SET Cable Standards Set
NEMA TCB 4-2016Guidelines for the Selection and Installation of Smooth-Wall Coilable High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Conduit
NEMA OS 4-2016Requirements for Air-Sealed Boxes for Electrical and Communication Applications
NEMA 77-2017Temporal Light Artifacts: Test Methods and Guidance for Acceptance Criteria
NEMA TS 5-2017Portable Traffic Signal Systems (PTSS) Standard
ANSI C78.52-2017American National Standard for Electric Lamps—LED (Light Emitting Diode) Direct Replacement Lamps—Method of Designation
ANSI C137.3-2017American National Standard for Lighting Systems— Minimum Requirements for installation of Energy Efficient Power over Ethernet (PoE) Lighting Systems
NEMA LSD 76-2017White Paper on the Usage of LED Lamps in Emergency Lighting Systems Having Remote Capacity
ANSI C82.17-2017American National Standard for Lamp Ballasts— High Frequency (HF) Electronic Ballasts for Metal Halide Lamps
NEMA/MITA WP 1-2017Computed Tomography Image Quality (CTIQ): Low-Contrast Detectability (LCD) Assessment When Using Dose Reduction Technology
NEMA GDSP 1-2016 (en Espanol)Evaluación de equipos eléctricos dañado por el agua
NEMA MGRDSP 1-2016 (en Espanol)Micro-redes de alimentación para el sistema eléctrico del siglo 21
ANSI C137.0-2017American National Standard For Lighting Systems—Lighting Systems Terms and Definitions

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