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Motor and Generator Standards

[No Document Number]Guide to Preparing a Design Proposal for Paralleling Customer Generation with an Electric Utility
[No Document Number]Motors & Generators Set
[No Document Number]Position Paper on UL 1741 & IEEE 1547, Particularly Addressing Regeneration
NEMA ICS 7.2-2015Application Guide for AC Adjustable Speed Drive Systems
NEMA MG 10-2013Energy Management Guide for Selection and Use of Fixed Frequency Medium AC Squirrel-Cage Polyphase Induction Motors
NEMA MG 11-1977 (R1997, R2001, R2007, R2012)Energy Management Guide for Selection and Use of Single-Phase Motors
NEMA MG 1-2011 Condensed Information Guide for General Purpose Industrial AC Small and Medium Squirrel-Cage Induction Motor Standards
NEMA MG 1-2014Motors and Generators
NEMA MG 2-2014Safety Standard for Construction and Guide for Selection, Installation and Use of Electric Motors and Generators
NEMA PremiumGeneral Specification for Consultants, Industrial and Municipal NEMA Premium® Efficiency Electric Motors (600 V or Less)


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