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Fire, Life Safety, Security and Emergency Communication Section Standards

[No Document Number]Evaluating Fire- and Heat-Damaged Electrical Equipment
ANSI C18.1M, Part 1-2015American National Standard for Portable Primary Cells and Batteries with Aqueous Electrolyte-General and Specifications
ANSI C18.4M-2015American National Standard for Portable Cells and Batteries—Environmental
ANSI/NEMA SB 40-2015Communications Systems for Life Safety in Schools
NEMA SB 11-2011Guide for Proper Use of System Smoke Detectors
NEMA SB 1-2014Quality Informational Guide for Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
NEMA SB 13-2012Guide for Proper Use of Smoke Detectors in Duct Applications
NEMA SB 20-2015​Guide to Understanding Smoke Control Systems
NEMA SB 2-2010Training Manual on Fire Alarm Systems
NEMA SB 50-2014Emergency Communications Audio Intelligibility Applications Guide
NEMA SB 7-2013Applications Guide for Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Detectors
NEMA SBP 2-2014Multi-Criteria Detectors (MCD)
NEMA SBP 3-2011The Changing Communications within Fire Alarm System Reporting
NEMA SBP 4-2015Low Frequency Audible Signals


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