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Conduit Fittings Standards

[No Document Number]Annular Space Protection of Openings Created by Penetrations of Tubular Steel Conduit, A Review of UL Special Service Investigation, File NC 546, Project 90NK11650
[No Document Number]Conduit-in-Casing Construction
ANSI/NEMA FB 1-2012Fittings, Cast Metal Boxes and Conduit Bodies for Conduit, Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) and Cable
NEMA 5RN 2189-2003User Guide to Product Specifications for Metal Electrical Conduit and Tubing
NEMA FB 2.10-2013Selection and Installation Guidelines for Fittings for Use with Non-Flexible Electrical Metal Conduit or Tubing (Rigid Metal Conduit, Intermediate Metal Conduit and Electrical Metallic Tubing)
NEMA FB 2.20-2012Selection and Installation Guidelines for Fittings for Use with Flexible Electrical Conduit and Cable
TTGR-NThe Grounding System That Works-Steel Conduit (Electrical Metallic Tubing, Intermediate Metal Conduit and Galvanized Rigid)