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Power Equipment Standards

[No Document Number]​​Distribution Automation and the Modernized Grid​
[No Document Number]Smart Meter Package
ANSI C119.6-2011American National Standard for Electric Connectors-Non-Sealed, Multiport Connector Systems Rated 600 V or Less for Aluminum and Copper Conductors
ANSI C12.10-2011American National Standard for Physical Aspects of Watthour Meters-Safety Standard
ANSI C12.11-2006 (R2014)American National Standard for Instrument Transformers for Revenue Metering, 10 kV BIL through 350 kV BIL (0.6 kV NSV through 69 kV NSV)
ANSI C12.1-2008American National Standard for Electric Meters-Code for Electricity Metering
ANSI C12.18-2006 American National Standard for Protocol Specification for ANSI Type 2 Optical Port
ANSI C12.19-2012American National Standard for Utility Industry End Device Data Tables
ANSI C12.20-2010American National Standard for Electricity Meters-0.2 and 0.5 Accuracy Classes
ANSI C12.22-2012American National Standard for Protocol Specification for Interfacing to Data Communication Networks
ANSI C12.4-1984 (R2002, R2011)American National Standard for Registers-Mechanical Demand
ANSI C12.5-1978 (R2002, R2012)American National Standard for Thermal Demand Meters
ANSI C12.6-1987 (R2002, R2012)American National Standard for Phase-Shifting Devices Used in Metering, Marking and Arrangement of Terminals
ANSI C12.7-2014American National Standard for Requirements for Watthour Meter Sockets
ANSI C12.8-1981 (R2002, R2012)American National Standard for Test Blocks and Cabinets for Installation of Self-Contained A-Base Watthour Meters
ANSI C12.9-2014American National Standard for Test Switches and Plugs for Transformer-Rated Meters
ANSI C62.61-1993American National Standard for Gas Tube Surge Arresters on Wire Line Telephone Circuits
ANSI/NEMA C29.10-1989 (R2002, R2012)American National Standard for Wet-Process Porcelain Insulators-Indoor Apparatus Type
ANSI/NEMA C29.1-1988 (R2002, R2012)American National Standard for Electrical Power Insulators-Test Methods
ANSI/NEMA C29.12-2013American National Standard for Composite Insulators-Transmission Suspension Type
ANSI/NEMA C29.13-2012American National Standard for Insulators-Composite-Distribution Deadend Type
ANSI/NEMA C29.2-2012American National Standard for Insulators-Wet-Process Porcelain and Toughened Glass-Suspension Type
ANSI/NEMA C29.2A-2013American National Standard for Insulators Wet Process Porcelain and Toughened Glass—Distribution Suspension Type
ANSI/NEMA C29.2B-2013American National Standard for Insulators-Wet Process Porcelain and Toughened Glass—Transmission Suspension Type
ANSI/NEMA C29.9-1983 (R2002, R2012)American National Standard for Wet-Process Porcelain Insulators-Apparatus, Post Type
ANSI/NEMA CC 1-2009 (R2015)Electric Power Connectors for Substations
ANSI/NEMA GR 1-2007Grounding Rod Electrodes and Grounding Rod Electrode Couplings
ANSI/NEMA SG-IC 1-2013​Smart Grid Interoperable & Conformant (SG-IC) Testing and Certification Scheme Operator Guidelines
NEMA 260-1996 (2004)Safety Labels for Pad-Mounted Switchgear and Transformers Sited in Public Areas
NEMA ABP 3-2013Molded Case Circuit Breaker Systems Testing with Conductors
NEMA ABP 4-2013Taking the Guesswork Out of Selecting and Maintaining Molded Case Circuit Breakers
NEMA C12.24 TR-2011NEMA Technical Report Definitions for Calculations of VA, VAh, VAR, and VARh for Poly-Phase Electricity Meters
NEMA C12.30 TR-2013Test Requirements for Metering Devices Equipped with Service Switches
NEMA CP 1-2000 (R2008)Shunt Capacitors
NEMA CPSP 1-2015Supply Chain Best Practices
NEMA HV 2-2014​Suspension and Post Type Insulators for Electric Power Overhead Lines General Use Information
NEMA LA 1-2009Surge Arresters
NEMA LS 1-1992 (R2000)Low-Voltage Surge-Protection (LVSP) Devices
NEMA SG 10-2008Guide to OSHA and NFPA 70E Safety Regulations when Servicing and Maintaining Medium Voltage Switchgear and Circuit Breakers Rated Above 1,000 V
NEMA SG 11-2013Guide for Handling and Maintenance of AC Outdoor High Voltage Circuit Breakers
NEMA SG 4-2009 (R2013)Alternating Current High Voltage Circuit Breakers
NEMA SG 5-1995Power Switchgear Assemblies
NEMA SG 6-2000Power Switching Equipment
NEMA SG-AMI 1-2009Requirements for Smart Meter Upgradeability
NEMA ST 20-2014Dry Type Transformers for General Applications
NEMA TP 1-2002Guide for Determining Energy Efficiency for Distribution Transformers
NEMA TP 2-2005Standard Test Method for Measuring the Energy Consumption of Distribution Transformers
NEMA TP 3-2000Standard for the Labeling of Distribution Transformer Efficiency
NEMA TR 1-2013Transformers, Regulators and Reactors
ST 1-1988 (R1994, R1997)Specialty Transformers (Except General Purpose Type)


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