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Industrial Automation Control Products & Systems Standards

[No Document Number]White Paper Guide on Qualification Testing of Transfer Switches
ANSI/NEMA C50.41-2012American National Standard for Polyphase Induction Motors for Power Generation Stations
ANSI/NEMA HP 5-2013Electrical and Electronic Crosslinked, Modified Polyethylene (XLPE) Insulated 125°C Hook-Up Wire, Types L (600 V), LL (1,000 V) and LX (3,000 V)
ANSI/NEMA ICS 8-2011Application Guide for Industrial Control and Systems Crane and Hoist Controllers
NEMA IA 2.1-2005Programmable Controllers (PLC), Part 1 General Information
NEMA IA 2.2-2005Programmable Controllers (PLC), Part 2 Equipment Requirements and Test
NEMA IA 2.3-2005Programmable Controllers (PLC), Part 3 Programming Languages
NEMA IA 2.4-2005Programmable Controllers (PLC), Part 4 User Guidelines
NEMA IA 2.5-2005Programmable Controllers (PLC), Part 5 Communications
NEMA IA 2.7-2005Programmable Controllers (PLC), Part 7 Fuzzy Control Programming
NEMA IA 2.8-2005Programmable Controllers (PLC), Part 8 Guidelines for the Application and Implementation of Programming Languages
NEMA ICS 1.1-1984 (R1988, R1993, R1998, R2003, R2009)Safety Guidelines for the Application, Installation and Maintenance of Solid State Control
NEMA ICS 1.3-1986 (R2001, R2009)Preventive Maintenance of Industrial Control and Systems Equipment
NEMA ICS 10-2005, Part 1Part 1 Electromechanical AC Transfer Switch Equipment
NEMA ICS 10-2005, Part 2AC Transfer Equipment, Part 2 Static AC Transfer Equipment
NEMA ICS 12.1-1997Industrial Control and Systems Profiles of Networked Industrial Devices-Part 1 General Rules
NEMA ICS 1-2000 (R2005, R2008)Industrial Control and Systems General Requirements
NEMA ICS 14-2010Application Guide for Electric Fire Pump Controllers
NEMA ICS 15-2011Instructions for the Handling, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Electric Fire Pump Controllers Rated Not More Than 600 V
NEMA ICS 16-2001Motion/Position Control Motors, Controls and Feedback Devices
NEMA ICS 18-2001 (R2007)Motor Control Centers
NEMA ICS 19-2002 (R2007)Diagrams, Device Designations and Symbols
NEMA ICS 2.3-1995 (R2002, R2008)Instructions for the Handling, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Motor Control Centers Rated Not More Than 600 V
NEMA ICS 2.4-2003 (R2012)NEMA and IEC Devices for Motor Service-A Guide for Understanding the Differences
NEMA ICS 2-1996, Part 8 (R2004, R2009)Controllers, Contactors and Overload Relays Rated Not More Than 2,000 V AC or 750 V DC, Part 8 Disconnect Devices for Use in Industrial Control Equipment
NEMA ICS 2-2000 (R2005)Controllers, Contactors and Overload Relays Rated 600 V
NEMA ICS 2-2002, Part 9 (R2007, R2013)AC Vacuum-Break Magnetic Controllers Rated 1,500 V AC
NEMA ICS 3.1-2009Guide for the Application, Handling, Storage, Installation and Maintenance of Medium Voltage AC Contactors, Controllers and Control Centers
NEMA ICS 3-2005 (R2010)Medium Voltage Controllers Rated 2,001 to 7,200 V AC
NEMA ICS 4-2010Application Guideline for Terminal Blocks
NEMA ICS 5, Annex B-2002 (R2008)Typical Proximity Switch Specifications
NEMA ICS 5, Annex E-2002 (R2008)Additional Requirements for Proximity Switches Suitable for Use in Strong Magnetic Fields
NEMA ICS 5, Annex F-2002 (R2007, R2012)High-Pressure Power Wash Test Procedure for Self-Contained Control-Circuit Devices
NEMA ICS 5-2000 (R2005, R2010)Control Circuit and Pilot Devices
NEMA ICS 61800-1-2002 (R2007)Adjustable Speed Electrical Power Drive Systems, Part 1 General Requirements-Rating Specifications for Low Voltage Adjustable-Speed DC Power Drive Systems
NEMA ICS 61800-2-2005Adjustable Speed Electrical Power Drive Systems, Part 2 General Requirements-Rating Specifications for Low Voltage Adjustable Frequency AC Power Drive Systems
NEMA ICS 61800-4-2004Adjustable Speed Electrical Power Drive Systems, Part 4 General Requirements-Rating Specifications for AC Power Drive Systems Above 1,000 V AC and Not Exceeding 35 kV
NEMA ICS 6-1993 (R2001, R2006)Industrial Control and Systems Enclosures
NEMA ICS 7.1-2014Safety Standards for Construction and Guide for Selection, Installation and Operation of Adjustable Speed Drive Systems
NEMA ICS 7-2014Adjustable Speed Drives
NEMA KS 1-2013Heavy Duty Enclosed and Dead-Front Switches (600 Volts Maximum)
NEMA MG 3-1974 (R1995, R2000, R2006, R2012)Sound Level Prediction for Installed Rotating Electrical Machines
NEMA WD 9-2013Dimmers, Photoelectric Controls, Presence Sensors, and Multi-outlet Bars Energy Consumption Testing and Labeling


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