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Pin and Sleeve Plug, Receptacle, and Connector Standards

ANSI C119.0-2015Testing Methods and Equipment Common to the ANSI C119 Family of Standards
ANSI C119.1-2011American National Standard for Electric Connectors-Sealed Insulated Underground Connector Systems Rated 600 V
ANSI C119.4-2011American National Standard for Electric Connectors-Connectors for Use Between Aluminum-to-Aluminum and Aluminum-to-Copper Conductors Designed for Normal Operation at or Below 93°C and Copper-to-Copper
ANSI C119.5-2009American National Standard for Electric Connectors-Insulation-Piercing Connector Systems, Rated 600 V or Less (Low Voltage Aerial Bundled Cables and Insulated and Non-Insulated Line Wires)


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