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Electronics Standards

[No Document Number]Evaluating Fire- and Heat-Damaged Electrical Equipment
ANSI C18.1M, Part 1-2009American National Standard for Portable Primary Cells and Batteries with Aqueous Electrolyte-General and Specifications
ANSI C18.1M, Part 2-2011American National Standard for Portable Primary Cells and Batteries with Aqueous Electrolyte-Safety Standard
ANSI C18.2M, Part 1-2013American National Standard for Portable Rechargeable Cells and Batteries-General and Specifications
ANSI C18.2M, Part 2-2014American National Standard for Portable Rechargeable Cells and Batteries-Safety Standard
ANSI C18.3M, Part 1-2013American National Standard for Portable Lithium Primary Cells and Batteries-General and Specifications
ANSI C18.3M, Part 2-2011American National Standard for Portable Lithium Primary Cells and Batteries-Safety Standard
ANSI/NEMA C93.1-1999American National Standard for Requirements for Power-Line Carrier Coupling Capacitors and Coupling Capacitor Voltage Transformers (CCVTs)
ANSI/NEMA SB 40-2010Communications Systems for Life Safety in Schools
ANSI/NEMA WC 55021-2013Standard for Military Internal Electrical Cable
NEMA C12.30 TR-2013Test Requirements for Metering Devices Equipped with Service Switches
NEMA DC 10-2009Residential Controls-Temperature Limit Controls for Electric Baseboard Heaters
NEMA DC 12-1985 (R1991, R1996, R2002, R2008, R2013)Residential Controls-Hot Water Immersion Controls
NEMA DC 13-1979 (R1985, R1991, R1997, R2002, R2008, R2013)Residential Controls-Line Voltage Integrally Mounted Thermostats for Electric Heaters
NEMA DC 20-1992 (R2003, R2009)Residential Controls-Class 2 Transformers
NEMA DC 2-1982 (R1988)Quick-Connect Terminals
NEMA DC 3, Annex A-2013Energy-Efficiency Requirements for Programmable Thermostats
NEMA DC 3-2013Residential Controls-Electrical Wall-Mounted Room Thermostats
NEMA DC 5-1989 (R1996, R2002, R2008)Residential Controls-Surface-Type Controls for Electric Storage Water Heaters
NEMA SB 10-1991 (R1998, R2005, R2010)Audio Standard for Nurse Call Systems
NEMA SB 11-2011Guide for Proper Use of System Smoke Detectors
NEMA SB 1-2014Quality Informational Guide for Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
NEMA SB 13-2012Guide for Proper Use of Smoke Detectors in Duct Applications
NEMA SB 19-(R2007)NEMA Installation Guide for Nurse Call Systems (R2007)
NEMA SB 2-2010Training Manual on Fire Alarm Systems
NEMA SB 28-1992 (R1997, R2003)Product Safety Guide for Developing Documentation for Fire Alarm Systems and Equipment
NEMA SB 29-1994Impact of Electrostatic Discharges in the Hospital Environment
NEMA SB 30-2005Fire Service Annunciator and Interface
NEMA SB 3-1969 (R1989, R1994)Interconnection Circuitry of Noncoded Remote Station Protective Signaling Systems
NEMA SB 50-2014Emergency Communications Audio Intelligibility Applications Guide
NEMA SBP 2-2014Multi-Criteria Detectors (MCD)
NEMA SBP 3-2013The Changing Communications within Fire Alarm System Reporting
NEMA ST 20-2014Dry Type Transformers for General Applications
NEMA TS 1-1989 (R1994, R2000, R2005)Traffic Control Systems (Not Recommended for New Designs)
NEMA TS 2-2003 (R2008)Traffic Controller Assemblies with NTCIP Requirements-Version 02.06
NEMA TS 4-2005Hardware Standards for Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) with NTCIP Requirements
NTCIP 1101:1996Simple Transportation Management Framework
NTCIP 1102:2004Octet Encoding Rules (OER) Base Protocol
NTCIP 1104 v01Center-to-Center Naming Convention Specification
NTCIP 1201 v03Global Object (GO) Definitions
NTCIP 1202:2005Object Definitions for Actuated Traffic Signal Controller (ASC) Units-Version 02
NTCIP 1203:2011Object Definitions for Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)
NTCIP 1204 v02Object Definitions for Environmental Sensor Station (ESS)
NTCIP 1205:2001Object Definitions for Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Camera Control
NTCIP 1206:2005Object Definitions for Data Collection and Monitoring (DCM) Devices
NTCIP 1207:2007Object Definitions for Ramp Meter Control (RMC) Units
NTCIP 1208:2005Object Definitions for Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Switching
NTCIP 1209 v02Object Definitions for Transportation Sensor Systems (TSS)
NTCIP 1210 v01Field Management Stations (FMS)—Part 1: Object Definitions for Signal System Masters (SSM)
NTCIP 1211 v01Object Definitions for Signal Control and Prioritization (SCP)
NTCIP 1213 v02Object Definitions for Electrical and Lighting Management Systems (ELMS)
NTCIP 2001:1996National Transportation Communications For ITS Protocol-Class B Profile
NTCIP 2101:2001Point to Multi-Point Protocol Using RS-232 Subnetwork Profile
NTCIP 2102:2003Point to Multi-Point Protocol Using FSK Modem Subnetwork Profile
NTCIP 2103 v02Point-to-Point Protocol over RS-232 Subnetwork Profile
NTCIP 2201:2003Transportation Transport Profile
NTCIP 2202:2001Internet (TCP/IP and UDP/IP) Transport Profile
NTCIP 2301 v02Simple Transportation Management Framework (STMF) Application Profile (AP) (AP-STMF)
NTCIP 2302:2001Trivial File Transfer Protocol Application Profile
NTCIP 2303:2001File Transfer Protocol Application Profile
NTCIP 2304:2002Application Profile for DATEX-ASN (AP-DATEX)
NTCIP 8003:2001Profile Framework
NTCIP 8004 v02Structure and Identification of Management Information (SMI)
NTCIP 8007 v01Testing and Conformity Assessment Documentation within NTCIP Standards Publications
ST 1-1988 (R1994, R1997)Specialty Transformers (Except General Purpose Type)