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Insulating Materials Standards

ANSI/NEMA C29.17-2013American National Standard for Composite Insulators-Transmission Line Post Type
ANSI/NEMA C29.18-2013American National Standard for Composite Insulators-Distribution Line Post Type
ANSI/NEMA FI 1-2004Manufactured Electrical Mica
ANSI/NEMA FI 3-2004Calendered Aramid Papers Used for Electrical Insulation
ANSI/NEMA HP 6-2013Electrical and Electronic Silicone and Silicone-Braided Insulated Hook-Up Wire Types S (600 V), ZHS (600 V), SS (1,000 V), ZHSS (1,000 V) and SSB Braided (1,000 V)
ANSI/NEMA LD 3-2005High-Pressure Decorative Laminates (HPDL)
ANSI/NEMA MW 1000-2015Magnet Wire
ANSI/NEMA MW 1000-2015 SupplementSupplement to ANSI/NEMA MW 1000 Reference Requirements for Round Film-insulated Magnet Wire
NEMA LI 1-1998 (R2011)Industrial Laminated Thermosetting Products
NEMA LI 6-1993 (R1999, R2005)Relative Temperature Indices of Industrial Thermosetting Laminates
NEMA MW 750-2009 (R2014)Dynamic Coefficient of Friction of Film-Insulated Magnet Wire
NEMA MW 765-2003 (R2008, R2013)Reclaiming of Magnet Wire Packaging
NEMA MW 780-2005 (R2011)Returnable Packaging for 24x6 Magnet Wire Reels
NEMA MW 785-2000 (R2006, R2011)Simulated Insertion Force Test for Film-Insulated Round Magnet Wire
NEMA RE 2-1999Electrical Insulating Varnish
NEMA TF 1-1993 (R2000, R2005)Coated Electrical Sleeving
NEMA TF 2-1993 (R2000, R2005)Uncoated Treated Fiberglass Sleeving


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