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How to Purchase a NEMA Standard

NEMA has partnered with IHS, ANSI, and Techstreet to distribute standards and other technical publications. Most standards publications are available in PDF and hardcopy format.

How to Buy a Standard

First, find the standard you need using NEMA’s standards search engine. Each standard has a direct link to purchase the document.

Current NEMA standards may be ordered online, by mail, or by telephone. Most rescinded standards are only available from IHS.

To order directly from the IHS website, you will first need to establish an account with a valid credit card number. For more information on IHS' terms and conditions, please consult the IHS website. Or, you may call the IHS office directly:

15 Inverness Way East
Englewood, CO 80112
United States
Phone: 1-800-854-7179
Phone: 1-303-397-7956 (outside the U.S.)
Fax: 1-303-397-2740
email: global@ihs.com

Customer Service and Technical Support
Phone: 1-800-624-3974, ext. 1950
Phone: 1-303-792-2181, ext. 1950
Fax: 1-303-792-2192
email: globalcustomerservice@ihs.com

25 W 43rd Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10036

Customer Service Department
Phone: 212.642.4980
Fax: 212.302.1286
Email: info@ansi.org

Thomson Scientific
36588 Treasury Center
Chicago, IL 60694-6500

Customer Service and Technical Support
Phone: 1-800-699-9277 (Toll free in U.S. & Canada)
Phone: 1-734-780-8000 (International)
Fax: 1-734-780-2046
Email: techstreet.service@thomsonreuters.com

Formats Available

Each standards page indicates the available formats, pricing, and descriptive information.

  • The majority of NEMA standards are available in hardcopy and electronic formats. (In order to view electronic downloads, you will need the latest copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free of charge from the Adobe website.)
  • Some standards, are available in CD-ROM formats.
  • Bulk and network pricing options are also available; quantities are noted on the IHS website.

Browse NEMA Standards Catalog

View NEMA's Electrical Standards & Products Guide.

This indispensable guide lists NEMA standards by name, document number, and price. It also contains industry resources, a product category index, and other essential information.

Document Alert Notice (DocAlert)

If you purchase NEMA standards through IHS, you will automatically receive a mailed notice if any of your purchased documents are revised or superseded. This free service keeps you up to date with the latest information. U.S. customers can call a IHS sales representative for more details at 800-854-7179. Customers outside of the U.S. should contact their nearest IHS Info Centre.

International Distribution of NEMA Standards

IHS has distribution offices or partners in several countries in addition to the U.S. Please click on the correct country for email information.

IHS' "Contact Us" page has a feature that matches any country selected with the closest office if you do not know which office to choose.


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