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Disposal Ban

  • Labeled thermostats, thermometers, switches, lamps, medical or scientific instruments or electric relays
  • No disposal ban for batteries or unlabeled products
  • Thermostats, thermometers, switches, lamps, medical or scientific instruments, electric relays, and electronic devices that contain mercury added lamps. Manufacturers in Vermont must certify to the state by October 1, 2006 that they have developed a labeling plan in accordance with state guidelines. The plans must encompass both products and packaging. No label for mercury batteries.

Product Ban

  • Mercury thermostats, thermometers, mercury-added novelties as of July 1, 2006, mercury switches and relays as of January 2007 (ban exempts replacement switches)

Manufacturer Collection/Recycle

  • Prior to February 1, 2012, manufacturers of mercury-containing lamps, either individually or as a member of a Stewardship Organization, must submit a collection plan for mercury-added lamps to the Secretary of Natural Resources for approval. The plan must provide for the free and convenient collection from any person who seeks to recycle any number of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) or 10 or fewer mercury-added lamps that are not CFLs. Collection plans must be implemented by July 1, 2012. A manufacturer or stewardship organization shall pay $2,000 annually for operation under an approved collection plan.
  • Manufacturers of mercury-containing thermostats must develop and implement a collection program that provides a minimum $5 financial incentive for the return of each mercury‑containing thermostat to a thermostat wholesaler by a contractor or service technician, or homeowner. Program must include education and outreach component. Plan must be submitted by October 1, 2008 and, upon approval, implemented by April 1, 2009.


  • For all mercury-added products



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