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NEMA Smart Grid Brazil Market Development Cooperator Program (MDCP)

About the Program

Advancing the development and deployment of the Smart Grid in Brazil requires multiple approaches.  Through this MDCP project, NEMA will work to increase exports of U.S. Smart Grid products to Brazil and create jobs in the electroindustry sector by improving market access, particularly for SMEs, growing the Brazilian market for Smart Grid products and encouraging the Brazilian government’s commitment to upgrading the grid, with support from the International Trade Administration. 

Improved market access can be achieved for U.S. firms, especially SMEs, by providing a clear understanding and agreement on the use of standards that ensure interoperability while harmonizing conformity assessment procedures. 

We will:

  • organize and conduct webinars and technical workshops with potential customers, such as utilities, to connect resources to stakeholders in both Brazil and the U.S., expanding the knowledge base of stakeholders on both sides. 
  • work with the US and Foreign Commercial Service (USFCS) in Brazil to connect Brazilian electricity companies (generation, transmission or distribution) with manufacturers in the U.S.
  • produce a concise “how-to” guidebook to navigate regulations and efficiently import into Brazil while creating a directory of Brazilian import experts, (i.e. brokers, lawyers, etc.) that can provide assistance to individual companies; this will be particularly valuable for SMEs. 

To grow the market for U.S. manufacturers’ Smart Grid products NEMA will:

  • create a buyer’s guide of U.S. Smart Grid manufacturers,
  • post upcoming and past event information
  • conduct a program to educate regulators and end users about the benefits and safety of a broad-based modernization plan through trade missions.

Encouraging government’s commitment to upgrading the grid in Brazil will insure lasting support for a modern grid. 

We will:

  • develop a Return on Investment (ROI) model that substantiates policy objectives that will be distributed to stakeholders in Brazil while encouraging legislation for public funding allocation for Smart Grid products similar to American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. 
  • Engaging federal and local regulators through established government-to-government dialogues, like the U.S.-Brazil Strategic Energy Dialogue and U.S.-Brazil Commercial Dialogue, with success stories in the U.S.
  • reverse trade missions will reassure them of the lasting benefits of the modernization. 


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