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Climate Change

NEMA believes and supports the development of a climate policy that achieves greenhouse gas reductions at the lowest possible cost. This policy should encourage voluntary actions as a means of ensuring the most cost-effective reductions; address emissions of all greenhouse gases from all sources and sectors of the economy; offer an incentive to U.S. firms for their activities that sequester carbon from the atmosphere; offer enough lead time for compliance as well as the production of energy-efficient technology to meet demand; provide flexible market-based policies, such as emissions trading and the Clean Development Mechanism; encourage deployment of energy-efficient technologies; and require developing and developed nations to participate in an international agreement that seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Position Statements

SF6 Task Group

Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) is an insulating gas important the performance of power equipment such as switchgear and circuit breakers as well as the safety of electrical workers.

At the same time, SF6 is one of the six most critical greenhouse gases according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and NEMA has led the way in the responsible use of SF6.

The mission and scope of NEMA's SF6 Task Group is to address all EHS issues related to the use and regulation of SF6 and to promote proper handling so as to reduce SF6 emissions. This Task Group is a totally self-funded entity of NEMA, including both NEMA and non-NEMA members. For more information about the Task Group, please contact Jim Creevy.

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