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5 Ls of Lighting

The Consumer’s Guide to Choosing Energy-Efficient Lighting


Where will I use this light bulb?

Dimmability All halogen incandescent light bulbs are dimmable. Check the packaging or with the manufacturer for dimmability of CFL or LED bulbs.
​Usage The package shows if the bulb is for indoor or outdoor use

How bright do I need this light bulb to shine?

More Lumens = Brighter
Lumens are shown on the package label
60 watt Incandescent ~ 800 Lumens | 100 watt Incandescent ~ 1600 Lumens
Light Bulbs

What are my light bulb options?

​Incandescent Halogen CFL ​LED
Clear  |  Frosted Clear  |  Frosted Open  |  Covered

Energy/Cost Savings
(Compared to incandescent)

~28% ~75% ~75%+

How do I read the Lighting Facts label?   

​Brightness The amount of light a bulb emits, expressed in lumens    
Energy Cost The average cost to run a bulb for one year    
​Life     The average life of a bulb, expressed in years    
Light Appearance How warm (yellowish white) or cool (bluish white) the light appears
Energy Used  The amount of electrical power the bulb uses, expressed in watts
CFL Label Only
Mercury The bulb contains a small amount of mercury.
Recycling is recommended. epa.gov/cfl

There are new energy-efficiency standards for lighting.

Which incandescent bulbs will no longer be made?
Current Wattage Date (not made after)
​100w January 1, 2012
​75w January 1, 2013
​60w & 40w January 1, 2014
The law requires increased efficiency. It does not ban incandescents or mandate CFLs.

 For more information on the 5 Ls of Lighting, contact Alex Boesenberg.

Download the 5 Ls of Lighting


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