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What Public Officials Can Do to Promote Smart Grid

At the Federal Level:

  • Enact tax and regulatory policies that incentivize replacement of outdated equipment with new technologies
  • Streamline the review and permitting process for interstate electrical transmission projects
  • Make Smart Grid investments in the segments of the electrical grid owned and operated by the federal government
  • Promote Smart Grid and microgrids on government and military installations
  • Foster public/private R&D collaboration and demonstration projects of Smart Grid technologies

At State and Local Levels:

  • Put in place state energy policy goals that would encourage application of new technologies on the grid to improve service quality
  • Examine the long-term business case for the efficiency of Smart Grid upgrades against the operational cost of a non-smart alternative
  • Explore alternative regulation methods, including performance-based approaches that apply rates to service quality and that specifically encourage Smart Grid investment


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