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University of Kansas Hospital Chooses McKesson Automation Technology

04/15/2011 10:00AMSign-up to receive press releases.

The University of Kansas Hospital Authority (KUHA) announced it will implement the PROmanager-Rx automated medication dispensing system. The PROmanager-Rx pharmacy robot also stores and dispenses oral solid medications prepackaged by the manufacturer in unit-dose, bar-coded form, increasing patient safety while reducing costs.

“We’ve experienced a 100% increase in daily drug dispensing volume in the past five years, and we were looking for a solution to address current demand and balance increasing volume moving forward,” said Rick Couldry, KUHA director of pharmacy. “PROmanager-Rx adds both capacity and flexibility. Its design enables us to install it in our pharmacy with minimal disruption and renovation, and the solution also supports our bar-code medication foundation and patient-centric dispensing model.”

KUHA already uses several of McKesson’s automated dispensing solutions, including the Robot-Rx® and MedCarousel® pharmacy dispensing systems, and AcuDose-Rx® medication dispensing cabinets. Adding the medication dispensing system will enable nearly 100% of the pharmacy’s daily scheduled and first-dose dispensing to be fully automated and verified via bar-code scanning before leaving the pharmacy. The patient-specific medications will be delivered to locked medication cabinets located outside of each patient room for nurses to access and administer, consistent with KUHA’s objective to position medications as closely to the patient as possible.

“Many hospitals look to pharmacy automation to minimize the potential for error and waste from various points across the medication supply chain,” said Clay Courville, vice president, McKesson Automation. “The team at KUHA has gone a step further by redistributing pharmacy talent to areas where it can create the most positive impact on patient care.”


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