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Saft Receives Li-ion Battery Order from Boeing

01/25/2011 10:00AMSign-up to receive press releases.

Saft is preparing to fill its next order for lithium-ion (Li-ion) space batteries as part of a five-year long term agreement signed with Boeing Space and Intelligence Systems in 2009. Under the multi-million dollar contract, Saft will deliver 12 battery packs of high energy Li-ion batteries for Boeings 702HP satellites being built for the Inmarsat-5 series.

The Saft batteries with VES140S cells will power three new Ka-band satellites, adding to Inmarsats current fleet of 11 GEO satellites. These satellites provide a wide range of voice and data services through an established global network of distributors and service providers. Each Inmarsat-5 satellite will carry 89 Ka-band beams that will operate in geosynchronous orbit with flexible global coverage.

Safts batteries will offer 15 kW of onboard power for the satellites critical systems in a low-weight package. With up to 18 years of battery life, the rechargeable Li-ion batteries will help ensure continuous, reliable operation of the satellites at times when the satellite and its solar panels are in eclipse.

"This additional order to the Boeing-Saft long term agreement extends our heritage in space and further increases the 50+ satellites which have relied on Safts proven Li-ion technology," said Thomas Alcide, general manager of Safts Specialty Battery Group and president, Saft America Inc. "We are pleased that Boeing once again trusted Safts expertise for the Inmarsat-5 program and we are confident our batteries will contribute to the missions success."


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